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Tesla Investors Hope for a 'Bombshell' from Musk, But They Need One of These 7 Things

Tesla and investors are actively preparing for tomorrow's shareholder meeting. Some are frustrated with the CEO Elon Musk while other expect a 'bombshell' from Elon tomorrow. What could possibly be a 'bombshell' at a shareholder's meeting? Here are 7 possibilities.


"Anyone else feeling a bombshell coming tomorrow from Elon at the shareholder meeting? They should have a good idea of the results of the latest shutdown after 3 days of production, and I would expect to see that they are able to hit 5k/week extrapolated out at this point. Hopefully that news would allow the stock to get past the 310-312 resistance level it's been working at since March," writes FixYoSubjunctive, a user in Tesla Reddit in this biweekly Tesla Investor Thread discussion.

In order for this to happen, I think the following or at least one of them should happen tomorrow at Tesla's Shareholder meeting in the form of answers to questions.

1) Confirm production rate will hit 5k in the next month.

2) Confirm the 28k cost for Model 3.

3) Confirm the reservation count is above 500k.

4) Confirm a new GF in China.

5) More color on the Model Y reveal.

6) Details about the Puerto Rico projects.

7) Reiterate no capital raises and profitability in Q3-Q4.

I think the biggest bombshell would be if they projected profits and +CF for Q2.

Perhaps the number one, regarding the production rate, is the most important issue to be addressed. Confirming the $28K cost for Model 3 is another good news. Increasing the production rate should also address the profitability and debt issues.

I don't think there is profitability in Q2 since Tesla is holding back on US deliveries to keep under 200k. What about you?

By the way here is an interesting segment from the 2014 Tesla Shareholder meeting. I don't know how to comment it.

So tomorrow, I am not banking on any big announcements; I think Elon Musk has revealed quite a bit over the past several weeks via Twitter, and thus I am not expecting a big announcement. Of course, expect the worst, hope for the best. Yet, if he were to announce something big in the coming months, essentially, I feel it would be very much in Elon's style to drop 'bombshells' tomorrow.

Let's remain cautiously optimistic. Let's see what happens at tomorrow's 2018 Tesla Shareholder Meeting. Please share your projections in the comments section below.

Thus, to further summarize.

  • Announce firm projection of 5k units/week production, starting this week.
  • Reaffirm projection of profitable bottom line in Q3.
  • Announce AWD Model 3 is in production right now.
  • Announce queue of solar tile customers shrinking.


Aldo (not verified)    June 4, 2018 - 2:40PM

If Tesla still has 300k Models 3 on the books, that's a pipeline of at least $10.5b. That is excluding any Solar, Powerwall and Powerbank business. I think shareholders do not need anything else! Any other automaker with this type of result would be considered stellar.

Val (not verified)    June 4, 2018 - 3:01PM

Didn't a story pan out like this once before with a certain tech company named after a fruit? CEO gets ousted and company run into the ground until one day, he decides to come back and fix everything?

Rob (not verified)    June 4, 2018 - 3:01PM

I would like to see information on a true second generation Model S!The MS is priced right and popular. I think the emphasis on Model 3 is important but they're not providing a fully fresh product portfolio.