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Tesla gets closer to being 100% vegan cars by dropping leather on its optional seats

Tesla has made a noticeable change in the options of its vehicles: it is now impossible to order leather seats, except some leathers options on Model 3. The initiative is in line with the vegan measures adopted by Elon Musk since 2016.


On the configuration page of Tesla electric cars, there is no trace of the word "leather." The seats offered are now exclusively available in the form of synthetic leather.

Tesla SEO Elon Musk has refrained from announcing this change publicly, but Electrek, which closely follows Tesla's activities, noticed this change occurred this weekend.

It should delight vegan drivers, whose lifestyle is to consume no products derived from the exploitation of animals

Leather Wheel Option Available on Model 3

If all the seat options now offered by Tesla are therefore vegan, the vehicles of the manufacturer are however not 100% vegans since their steering wheels remains leather. Interested customers can also be supplied with a synthetic leather steering wheel on request.

The change, which is consistent with the company's policy of transitioning to sustainable energy, was expected. Some people feared these options will be available only on Model S and Model X, but now apparently they are available on Model 3 as well.

It was as early as April 2016 when Elon Musk had responded in the affirmative way to a Twitter user who asked if the Model 3 would be equipped with a vegan interior.

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