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Rare Images Show Tesla Model 3 Screen In Action

Model 3 Owners Club has shared a unique Tweet showing Tesla Model 3's iconic screen in action.

As you can see from these pictures Tesla Model 3 screen has numeric keypad. Indeed, a nice touch. The screen looks big and the keypad looks big and simple to use in a car. "One might expect as much from a tech company as Tesla," writes one person who commented under the tweet.

Here is the screen in action.

I think this is the nice pictures I have seen of the Model 3 in action.

Twitter user Jason Patrick, replying to this tweet comments that "even with the screen forward, it still looks like a bit of a stretch to reach the right side of the screen from the driving position." Does it look like it to you? It doesn't seem like a stretch to me. I am sure Tesla engineers have thought of this and tested it many times to ensure comfort and safety when using the screen.

People also commented saying the screen looks like a big Android Tablet. Do you think so?

Tesla is not leaving any mysteries before the July 28 official reveal. The only thing so far that is missing, is the trunk and what's under the hood. Few days ago rare interior pictures of Model 3 surfaced on Imgur. Don't miss them. And if you are a Model 3 reservation holder, you may want to know how the Model 3 insurance rates will be calculated. Some lights on the subject was shed by a local Allstate auto insurance agent.