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Rare Interior Pics of Tesla Model 3 Show Tight Backseat Legroom and Nothing Like Spaceship

Imgur user Raj Khaitan has shared some never-seen-before pictures of Tesla Model 3 interior, which also includes the back seat. Let us know what you think about the legroom in the back.

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These pictures just surfaced about 7 hours ago and provide a very fresh look at the Tesla Model 3's interior, including the backseat. I don't think there is anything left to reveal about the interior. Do you?

I am following some discussions about these pictures and many people write they hope the leg room is bigger than what it shows in the picture. Someone, who is apparently a parent, was concerned about fitting a rear facing car seat without squeezing the driver. "It better be able to fit a rear facing car seat without cramping the front seats leg room," writes one user in this discussion on Reddit. Another person jockingly says the middle seat may have more legroom than anyone else in the car.

Other people say they don't care much about the legroom as most of them will drive the car and not have rear seat passengers often. 'I don't know if I could possibly care less about rear leg room, since I will never sit back there," comments another person in that discussion.

Model S Rear Seat vs Model 3 Rear Seat

There is an interesting comparison between the rear seats of Model S and Model 3. One member in the discussion who seems very familiar with the rear seat of Model S, writes that he is not to enthusiastic about the roomier Model S rear seat and if Model 3 is less roomier then it changes the purpose of the car. "The back seat experience in the S is roomier, but still not great. The seat angle pitches the back passenger forward and the leg angle is pitched up, almost like you're crouching. If it's the same experience with less room? Then it's pretty much for kids or small trips around town," that user writes.

Model 3 Rear Seat vs Chevy Bolt Rear Seat

Other enthusiasts compare Tesla Model 3's rear seat with that of Chevy Bolt and hope this is better. Of course it should be better because the price is higher. "It can't be any worse than my 2017 Volt it's like a shoebox back there," writes one person comforting himself with the fact that he will be the single driver of his Model 3.

Steering Wheel of Tesla Model 3

"If you look at the photo the steering wheel is quite forward of the driver's seat. In normal position for most people the steering wheel will be above the front edge of the seat at least if not more. So to me there is another 6 inches to play with unless you are a giant," observes another person who closely watched these rare interior images of Tesla Model 3.

If you are kind of underwhelmed you are not alone. Do you remember this tweet by Elon Musk writing that the real steering controls look like spaceship?

Do they look like spaceship to you?

Tesla Model 3 interior back

I wish there were more images of the trunk area.

If Nissan Leaf's backseat has more legroom than Model 3, then the new Leaf has a big chance here to compete with a car, which is somewhat compared with iPhone of the car industry.

Image source: Imgur

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Sierraman (not verified)    July 20, 2017 - 11:17AM

The interior is fine but the PC-like screen projecting from the dashboard is so very PC-like, not so thrilled.

andy c. chen (not verified)    July 20, 2017 - 1:17PM

Awesome interior, a huge screen with artistic connecting to the dashboard and the functionalities are yet to reveal. It is as simple as an average luxury sedan, . Easy access to cup holder and spacious car door storage compartment. It is a Tesla breed quality, supercharging capability, all electric,no more gas,half the price of entry model S. I can't wait to see my reserved one in my garage.