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How Will Tesla Model 3 Insurance Rates Be Calculated

Next week first Tesla Model 3 vehicles will be delivered to their owners and people who have made the reservations wonder about the insurance rates and cost of this widely anticipated car.

After news surfaced today about the car insurance rates of Tesla Model 3 I contacted my insurance agent Alan Cochrane at Allstate and asked if his insurance agency already has the rates available for the Model 3 and how much they will cost on average and all things equal. Alan wrote back and share this with me.

"Thank you for the email. It will be based on the symbol that is assigned to that car. Since insurance is now based on a form of credit/insurance score it is hard to really generalize how much a car will be in each case, but certainly if the symbol is say, 63 as opposed to 24 it will be "expensive."

So the company is going to assign a symbol to Model 3 and the price will be based on the credit/insurance score. Will it be affordable or expensive we don't know yet, but some people in the media called GEICO's Model 3 rates as good and reasonable because Model 3 is now in GEICO's system. Here is a tweet showing that.

As I was reading some of the replies to this tweet I see people calling it generally affordable. Its "about 20% cheaper than what I'm paying now for our i3, and about 5% more than our 2016 Mini Clubman. Not bad," tweeted user Todd Wilson. User @OfEverything shared a screen from a tweet showing a Model 3 insurance rate at $608.89 for six months and 8,000 miles annually.

Yet for another person GEICO quoted a six months insurance premium of 631.87 dollars.

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