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Hydrogen And Solid-State: The Toyota Way

Toyota is not only playing one game in this new order of automobiles, but they are calling the shots. Take a look at the what Toyota is planning in the United States to further bring about this alternative-fueled revolution.


Toyota recently began testing their solid-state battery vehicle, which is rather earth-shattering news. Toyota (in my opinion) is leading the EV revolution with battery technology. I can hear the haters already claiming that the new 4680 cell of Tesla motors is the most advanced battery (and commercially viable) battery to date, and I agree.

The thing is, the world is going through an incredible transformation, much like we saw about 120 years ago at the turn of the 20th century. Oil quickly became king, and the race to make a better automobile has never stopped since then. I have to hand it to the pioneers of old for their innovations of the time. Now we are doing it again.

What Is Toyota Doing Now?
I mentioned the solid-state battery technology, but I did not say the push for hydrogen. Before you click off the page and throw caution to the wind, hear me out.

Hyzon Motors HFC Semi Truck

Hydrogen is here now, albeit in smaller quantities, but when Toyota says they will do something, well, they make it happen. Toyota is not the only company to push hydrogen; Hyundai and Hyzon motors are both companies competing in the same space.

What Is Toyota Planning?
Toyota recently announced it will build fuel cell drivetrains in Kentucky starting 2023. This news is just as big as the solid-state announcement. Suppose Toyota does pull this off and hydrogen semi-trucks hit the road. In that case, everything we know about shipping and transportation will change.

2021 mirai toyota fuel cell hyrdogen blueConclusion
The world is changing and faster than we realize. If you think that the change in automotive technology is going fast, you need to think ten years into the future from now.

Toyota and other companies are doing groundbreaking work to change the entire world as we now know it. Gasoline will still be a large part of what we see on the road for the next ten years, but gasoline will be a minority after that.

That is all for today. Remember, Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story.

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