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Breaking: Toyota Is Now Road Testing Solid-State Battery EV

Toyota is taking the solid state game seriously. With over 1,000 patents on solid state batter technology, what is holding them back from releasing it into the world right now?

Toyota Motor Corp. holds over 1,000 patents for solid-state battery technology. According to Tech Archives, Toyota is staking loads of money into investing for the future.

Solid-state battery technology is hailed as the replacement for Lithium-Ion batteries because of its low cost, fast charging, and energy-dense properties.

Solid-state is a form of lithium technology without a few of the significant inherent risks that lithium-ion presents. Sounds like this is an excellent form of technology, right? Yes, however, it does come at a cost. Still, Toyota Motor is now finally overcoming those hurdles, and here is what they are doing.

The First Toyota Solid-State EV
A couple years ago, Toyota hinted at Solid-State batteries and investing wisely in them. Initially, there were significant drawbacks when it came to the commercialization of building these batteries. Now that has changed radically.

Toyota showed the prototype (LQ) EV back in 2019, but that car is now getting actual road testing done. This is groundbreaking.

Why This Is So Important
For over a decade, many companies working with solid-state battery technology struggled to get them to work. There are massive hurdles such as cracking and dendrite formation that have been at the forefront of problems.

2023 Toyota LQ  Concept Solid-state EV

Toyota is working in conjunction with a close partner, Panasonic, to overcome these issues. Now that Toyota is physically testing an actual EV, this means they are out to prove something. Solid-State technology is here, and these are the final steps to ensure it will work.

Toyota has said they will put out an EV by the end of 2023. I fully believe that the car they are going to have is a solid-state vehicle.

The prototype, which is the LQ concept, proves that Toyota Motor will do what they say. Toyota has a fantastic reputation for delivering on its promises, and I expect this will be no exception.

That is all for today. Remember Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story. What is the next story? What was it like over 100 years ago for automakers?

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