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Toyota Motors 13.5 Billion Dollar-Solid State Gamble

Toyota is placing a massive bet on their "prize fighter" solid-state battery technology. They are making bold moves much as they did 30 years ago when Prius came into the world. Is now the time we are going to see another knockout? Here is what we know.

13.5 Billion Dollars. Let that sink in. No matter how you slice it apart, that is a lot of money, and Toyota is dedicating it to bringing a new wave of battery technology to the forefront- solid-state. In this article, we will take a look at solid-state tech, where Toyota is putting its investment, and why this is a gamble.

What Is Solid-State Battery Technology?
Solid-state battery technology is hailed to be the new link to our battery-driven future. With faster charge times, reduced cost, and better energy density, this technology could propel us into the future we dreamed about decades ago.

solid state battery Toyota Solid-state research has been going on for several years, with issues revolving around cracking when the batteries are under stress or load. Solid-state batteries are currently the "next best" battery technology.

Why Is Toyota Putting Their Money Into Solid-State?
It is noteworthy that Toyota does not make big moves unless they are confident what they are doing is valuable.

Toyota went big when they introduced the Prius back in 1997, and that winning bet has placed them as the leader for hybrid technology.

Samsung Solid State battery layers

Toyota has done significant research and development with solid-state tech to make such an important announcement.

If Toyota pulls this off, which they did when Prius came to light, they will reign as the world leader in the automotive sector.

Why Is This A Gamble?
A 13.5 Billion Dollar investment better be a sure one. With as much data as Toyota has, you would think they would be all in doing EVs like many other vehicle manufacturers.

I think that Toyota has felt their hand is forced into adopting EVs, and now they want to play the game that Tesla Motors started back in 2007.

The demand for electric vehicles is surging with little to deter the most significant manufacturers from stopping. It is now a race to see who can do it and take part in the market that Tesla dominates.

Toyota must make a vehicle that is as attractive and desirable as what Tesla offers. They must also compete with Ford and other startup companies for this same market share. It is risky, but this is Toyota we are talking about.

Part of that 13.5 billion dollar investment is also to help build a supply chain for manufacturing. With the target of 2030 to have an electric vehicle lineup and supply chain in place, Toyota has some serious groundwork to do. Or is all of that completed and they are now taking this step?

Eight years is quite a bit of time, but in all honesty, we are talking about a massive shift in how we look at the world of transportation.

That is all for today. Remember, Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story.
Breaking: Toyota is now road testing solid state EV car.

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