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Top Gadgets for 2020 Toyota RAV4 You Need to See (Including Video)

Learn about features, gadgets and cool technology for the 2020 RAV4. Some of these you will not believe.


When the best-selling next-gen 2019 RAV4 was launched, it arrived ready to make a statement. Redesigned from the ground up.

A tough, rugged new body style. Modernized, spacious interior cabin. Smooth ride comfort based on a new platform and forgiving suspension.

And gadgets. Lots of gadgets.

Today I explore the world of the 2020 Toyota RAV4 and share some of the practical, and especially cool, gadgets and technology you have available to you. This should be fun.

2020 RAV4 foot-activated power liftgate

On higher Toyota RAV4 trim levels, you may find not only a power liftgate, but a foot-activated power liftgate. This is useful when we have our hands full of camping gear, luggage and baby gear, while still needing to open that back hatch.

Once you get the hang of the technique, it is incredibly easy to both open and close this hatch.

Below deck storage for 2020 RAV4

2020 Toyota RAV4 lower cargo storage

RAV4 offers drivers just over 37 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the rear seats. There is a way, though, to give yourself a little more room if you really plan to pack your cargo area tight for a big family road trip.

The cargo floor is designed to be flipped over, exposing a hard surface. Simply slide the cargo deck into the pre-set grooves on all RAV4 grades and your floor now goes lower. You just gave yourself some more space.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Panoramic Roof

2020 Toyota RAV4 Panoramic Glass Roof

If you have driven a vehicle in the past with a panoramic sunroof / moonroof, it is often difficult to give that up and go with a standard sized one. Panoramic glass roof gives both front and rear seat passengers the opportunity to enjoy the bright sunshine or a view of the night sky.

Important to note that this RAV4 panoramic glass roof only opens for the front half of the glass. The rear glass section is fixed.

HVAC benefits for 2020 RAV4

A couple features jumped out at me as beneficial to 2020 Toyota RAV4 drivers and passengers. Take advantage of both ventilated (cooled) and heated front seats. Also, with the advanced technology package on Limited and Limited Hybrid RAV4, you have the benefit of heated rear seats as well.

Digital Rearview Mirror

2020 Toyota RAV4 digital rearview mirror

Utilizing a cleverly placed camera just inside the back window, drivers have an unobstructed view of what is behind, and somewhat to the side of, your SUV.

This is offered in the all-new 2020 Highlander as well, along with a rear backup camera washer. This is one clever device.

Birds Eye View 360 Camera

2020 Toyota RAV4 birds eye view camera

This system is really getting good. What I mean is that with this Toyota RAV4 bird’s eye view camera, you get such a clear picture on your multimedia screen of what is approaching you from the sides, from behind and in front of your RAV4.

When added in with front and rear parking sonar, you have the upper hand against potential obstacles such as other cars, signs, stumps, rocks or parking lot light posts.

2020 RAV4 JBL sound system

To me, this is one of Toyota’s premium sound systems in any of their models. This 2020 RAV4 JBL system features an 800-watt amplifier, 11 speakers in 9 locations and a subwoofer.

VIDEO: Watch as I highlight and demo several cool gadgets and technology features for 2020 RAV4 Limited Hybrid.

Time for your thoughts on 2020 Toyota RAV4

What features or technology do you like most on your RAV4? What piece of technology do you wish was on your next vehicle?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I point out the top features that have been updated for the 2020 Tacoma.

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Billy Bob Shapiro (not verified)    April 30, 2020 - 10:07AM

In reply to by Jerry (not verified)

Nothing wrong with the fuel tamk. If you do not know how to open, the flap will not open and will not allow fuel into the tank. This is designed to not allow fumes to escape into the atmosphere. Read your owners manual to understand how it works.

Timothy Parker (not verified)    May 2, 2020 - 11:34AM

In reply to by Billy Bob Shapiro (not verified)

I've read that the problem with the gas tank is that it is not possible to completely fill the tank, significantly reducing vehicle range. Toyota is aware of the problem but didn't have a fix for 2019 models. The question is whether they have fixed it for 2020.

Nick Mcfallo (not verified)    April 29, 2020 - 9:48AM

As far as I'm concerned Toyira has turned their back on the 2029 Rav4. They come out with a new platform that year and not include Android Auto. But they turn around and put AA on a older Yaris.