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You Won’t Believe This New 2020 Toyota Highlander Cleaning Feature

Learn more about the one new feature found on the all-new 2020 Highlander that will make your driving life so much easier. And cleaner. Meet the 2020 Toyota Highlander's backup camera washer.

The 2020 Toyota Highlander comes with a backup camera washer. Actually, there are so many useful, convenient, and helpful new features and upgrades you can find on the new 2020 Toyota Highlander compared to the 2019. This redesigned fourth-generation model glides into dealerships across the country this month complete with major safety and technology improvements, along with sophisticated and pleasing exterior and interior styling.

There is one new feature, though, that I immediately fell in love with.

It is small. It is subtle. But it will make things so much clearer for you while driving in your new 2020 Highlander.

2020 Highlander has a backup camera washer

Have you ever put your car in reverse, only to find your multimedia screen is showing a dirty backup camera picture? This is not only annoying, but it also can be a safety risk if you cannot see a clear shot of what is behind you while backing up.

Since backup cameras are located at the back ends of vehicles, they can often collect dust, dirt and mud from normal everyday use. This can cloud up the camera and impede our view when we reverse.

2020 Toyota Highlander backup camera

Toyota has equipped 2020 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid vehicles with this backup camera washer that should make our driving lives just a little bit easier and safer.

Where is it located?

You can find this new washer at the back of your Highlander right next to the backup camera. It appears as a small black square object.

2020 Toyota Highlander XLE Blueprint back end backup camera washer

How do we operate this in a 2020 Highlander?

Getting this camera washer to work is quite simple really. It operates from your windshield washer stalk to the right of the steering wheel. Push this stalk forward and it will squirt washer fluid for the rear wiper and backup camera washer.

2020 Toyota Highlander XLE harvest beige interior windshield wipers

Here is your feedback so far

My video review shows how this new washer works on the 2020 Highlander. I hope you enjoy it and it is helpful.

My “Toyotajeff in Raleigh” YouTube viewers and emailers weighed in immediately and here is what they had to say about it.

Justin simply said “Wow!”

“Toyota just keeps coming up with clever new tools. I will use it all the time when I get my new Highlander Hybrid.” Emailed Marissa.

Crazy Jay had his take. “Backup camera washer. Thumbs up!”

Jerome had a different take. “Are people getting lazier or is technology simply getting better?”

This is actually a good point Jerome. I agree with you in that it seems like something that might have been put in that some would find unnecessary. People could easily just clean the lens by hand on their own, right? However, my thought is that I cannot think of one single person who would want to get out of their vehicle and wipe off the backup camera every time they found it was dirty as they were backing up.

Time for your thoughts on 2020 Highlander and the washer

Thanks for reading everyone. Please bookmark my Torque News Toyota section here to get my ongoing takes on the world of Toyota.

What do you think of the 2020 Toyota Highlander so far? Are you impressed with styling, interior features, new additions and upgrades? We hope you will like the new 2020 Highlander's backup camera washer as I think one day it will become one of the most common cleaning features of the new cars.

See you next story when I show what 2020 Toyota Highlander looks like at night -- interior and exterior.

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The camera washer is awesome. Problem solved. Now Toyota engineers will have time to give that best-seller RAV4 a good brake so I can stop effectively, and a front seat belt long enough to buckle an adult!"
Getting sick of the Toyota media blitz. All these “reviews” popping up. All have the same theme “I can’t believe the Toyota Highlander —-“. Quite obviously advertisements rather than consumer reviews. It’s a dishonest advertising campaign. Let’s talk about that third row seat. Have they actually made it usable? When I sold highlanders, I’d tell people to try the third row because they would just assume it was usable. Had a few customers freak out when the second row pinned them in like an undersized coffin. As much as I wanted a commission, I couldn’t sell it as a 6 person vehicle. And they’d advertise it for eight? Nuts.
Subaru has had this feature for over a year. Started on the 2019 Subaru Forester.
The Chevy Bolt's had this for four model years. BFD.
I have a 2020 Highlander and not as impressed with it as Toyota says they are. Close the back doors and there is a metal rattle. Use the remote start last winter and the vehicle wouldn't start for 15 minutes after that, dealer has a new part on order for the computer but when I see it is another thing. Accelerated a few times and the vehicle stated to die, they check it out and nothing. Dash vibrates in cold weather and drives you nuts.