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3 Things to Know About 2020 Toyota RAV4 XLE Hybrid Before Buying

Important factors that may help you while considering a purchase of 2020 RAV4 Hybrid – especially the XLE trim level.


Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid models work together to bring you the best-selling SUV in the entire country. They are reliable and dependable, have great passenger space and are fun to drive.

Today the focus is on one of the most popular RAV4 Hybrid trim levels. Here are some things you should know before buying one.

Meet the 2020 RAV4 XLE Hybrid.

2020 RAV4 Hybrid Selling Points

I am going to lump a few key benefits together here to form one of the three things to know. Because these are big factors a person might have as part of their initial car-buying search criteria.

Gas mileage is huge here folks. A 2020 RAV4 XLE Hybrid (or RAV4 Hybrid XLE as I want so badly to call it) averages 40 mpg. This is 41 mpg in the city and 38 mpg along the highway.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE dashboard instrument panel

Also, RAV4 XLE Hybrid produces 219 horsepower with its 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine / electric motors combination. This is more than the 203 horsepower a 2020 Toyota RAV4 gasoline-only model produces.

So, more power and better gas mileage. Bonus.

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2020 RAV4 XLE Hybrid Cargo Capacity

I looked at the specs for cargo space in the 2020 RAV4 XLE Hybrid and knew there was a good amount of storage capacity. Expect 69.8 cubic feet behind the first row and 37.6 cubic feet behind the second row.

2020 Toyota RAV4 XLE Hybrid cargo space

What really sold me on its cargo capacity was when I laid the second row down flat (well, close to flat). Toyota RAV4 actually has quite a bit of what I call “usable cargo space.” I liked the openness and available height. I can see packing easily for a family road trip or a big move to a college dorm room.

If you get a fold-out cargo tonneau cover for your RAV4 Hybrid, it may come in handy on trips as well. This hides luggage and computer bags and camera equipment you have stored in back from curious eyes.

Upgrade packages for RAV4 Hybrid

There are a few ways to upgrade a base factory RAV4 XLE Hybrid, and these come in the form of option packages you need to choose at the time of purchase.

One thing to note. A 2020 RAV4 XLE Hybrid comes standard with a power driver’s seat, while a moonroof is now considered as an available option. This is flip-flopped from how it was presented for the 2019 model year. I think the logic is that more people would prefer a power seat versus people who had to have a moonroof standard.

2020 Toyota RAV4 XLE Hybrid front seats power driver seat RAV4 Hybrid XLE

Do you agree?

If you pick the upgraded weather package, you will be getting three items. Look for a heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats and rain-sensing wipers with windshield de-icer function.

Convenience package is important to me. This valuable option group gives you power moonroof and a power back tailgate.

You can also upgrade to audio plus package. This increases your multimedia touch screen from 7 inches to 8 inches. Also, look for an anti-theft system. Service connect and remote connect are part of this package as well.

Time for your thoughts on 2020 RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid

Thanks for reading everyone. I cover Toyota news, how-to stories, and breaking rumors with coming attractions for Torque News.

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VIDEO REVIEW: Watch as I point out key higlights of RAV4 Hybrid XLE.

What do you think about RAV4 or Toyota RAV4 Hybrid models? Do you own one and how do you like yours so far? Is it on your short list of vehicles to consider next?

Would you choose a hybrid or gasoline version?

See you next story when I reveal 2 new Toyota hybrid models to be announced.

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JR (not verified)    May 10, 2020 - 2:38PM

Has the faulty fuel tank/gauge issue found (and so far ignored by Toyota) in the 2019 version been corrected in the 2020? I'll bet not.

Floyd Parma (not verified)    May 12, 2020 - 1:03AM

The RAV4 Hybrid does not get 40 mpg or even close. We purchased one in February 2020. We only get 33 mpg driving on level streets. Misrepresentation in a big way by Toyota, but all the other benefits outweigh that negative.

David Hungerford (not verified)    August 30, 2020 - 11:50AM

In reply to by Floyd Parma (not verified)

I purchased a 2020 Rav4 hybrid clean in June. I am getting 44-45 mpg - with very little variation between in town and highway. I drive “like an old man” - gentle starts and stops, and observing the speed limit. Absolutely love this car!

Zach (not verified)    May 12, 2020 - 9:12AM

I own at 2019 Iimited Hybrid. I could not be more disappointed in this vehicle. I've had it almost a year and this thing has more rattles than my 2000 Tahoe. The gas mileage is also no where near what they claim. Expect maybe 35, closer to 30 if you drive like a normal person. If you hypermile and go 5-10 under the speed limit... basically piss everyone off around you, yeah you can get like 36.8 like I'm getting now.

My heated front seat still doesn't work, and the service department doesn't have a infrared camera. They tell me it's working by design, but I guess that mean the other 3 heated seats are broken cause they actually heat.

Toyota is a terrible company, when you go to buy a car they will take full advantage of you. They lost the original RAV4 Limited Hybrid, which I'm guessing means they sold it off the lot. The dealership we bought the one we have from gave us 2 grand less on our trade in cause, where the fuck were we gonna go.

Avoid this vehicle like it's got COVID-19. Go by a Honda or Subaru.

swllz (not verified)    September 2, 2021 - 2:58PM

In reply to by Zach (not verified)

May be yours is 1st model year production. There is always 1st production irregularities for any Auto company even if Toyota has best quality control among all auto manufacturers.

JimSchuh (not verified)    May 12, 2020 - 11:19AM

I just leased the very vehicle you have featured in this article. Same color even! I had a 2017 gas model Rav4 XLE. @ 27 mpg combined. MUCH quieter and smoother than 2017.
First drive was 20 miles home from dealer, 18 miles was hwy using the cruise. Trip avg was 48 mpg! Second drive was 22 miles (@17 hwy, 5 city) - 49.4 MPG. I took pics of trip avg summary in MID for evidence. This car is the real deal.

JR (not verified)    May 12, 2020 - 1:12PM

My 2019 hybrid will get close to 40 mpg average as long as the outside temp is 70 degrees or above. In the winter (upper mid west) I average around 32 mpg. City driving mpg is definitely better than long distance mpg which seems kind of backward but it must be how it is programed and paired with the battery. AWD traction is not as good as my previous Subaru Outback. Overall satisfied but annoyed with the gas tank issue.

James A Richter (not verified)    September 3, 2021 - 11:28AM

I recently had my fuel tank replaced and one week later I'm notified about a recall on the fuel pump. This recall information was apparently available at the time they replaced the tank. You'd think they would have let me know of the need to replace the pump at the time. Nice work guys, I've got nothing better to do but run back and forth to the shop and spending hours waiting for repairs.