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Is it Time for 2021 Toyota Venza? Toyota to Announce Two All-New Hybrids May 18

Get ready to meet two new Toyota models in one week. We do not know what they are yet. See if my guesses turn out right.

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We have had a lack of exciting, breaking news in the automotive world these past couple months. There are other things on our minds, obviously.

However, Toyota’s latest announcement of two new hybrid models got the Spidey senses tingling in a positive way. Not just one. Two all-new hybrids. This is good stuff my friends.

These new electrified models will be announced in one week on May 18.

The question now is what are they? I have a couple guesses.

2021 Venza is back

2013 Toyota Venza black color profile view

I think this might be the time we hear more about 2021 Venza specs and details. Our old friend is making its triumphant return to United States markets sometime this year. This news just has not been revealed yet.

This could be the time.

My feeling is that Toyota Venza will return with an all-hybrid power plant. This means it will be powered with a combination of a gasoline engine and electric motors.

I am not sure if it will have a plug-in version similar to 2020 Prius Prime or the upcoming 2021 RAV4 Prime.

Expect 2021 Toyota Venza to be larger than a 2020 RAV4 but smaller than a 2020 Highlander. It will almost assuredly seat five passengers.

This is very exciting news because Venza was one of the most beloved and trusted models Toyota ever made. People still talk about their previous or current Venza with pride and affection.

2021 Venza is definitely on its way. Will we hear about it next week, though?

2021 Sienna is coming

2020 Toyota Sienna XLE Blizzard Pearl color profile view front end

Smooth, quiet and comfortable meets great gas mileage. This could be the billing for our newest generation Toyota Sienna.

Spy shots have shown a redesigned, next-gen 2021 Toyota Sienna. We really do not know much more at this point.
Oh wait, it will be available for the first time as a true hybrid. Sienna will be powered by a gasoline engine and electric motors. No more gasoline-only option.

VIDEO: I share my thoughts on 2021 Toyota Sienna specs.

I feel this will be a great benefit to people who have longer commutes, as well as families who love road trips and vacations.

Especially when gasoline prices start increasing again.

But will it be the all-new Sienna Hybrid we find out about in seven days?

Time for your thoughts on Toyota hybrids

As I have mentioned, we really do not know what “all-new hybrids” Toyota is teasing with their recent announcement. Both 2021 Venza and Sienna have been talked about in the shadows, but never officially by Toyota.

Do you think I am right and we will learn more about 2021 Sienna specs and also the return of Venza? If not, what models do you think Toyota will introduce next?

Stay tuned to Torque News / Toyota News page for breaking updates.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I give reasons 2020 RAV4 LE is such an amazing value.

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