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Rumored 2021 Toyota Venza Coming: Here is What We Know

Learn the surprising specs about Toyota’s incoming 2021 Venza. This is about to get good.

The rumor mill is at it again with news of a familiar nameplate returning sooner than we think. The waters have been churning with tales of a potential 2021 Toyota Venza making its triumphant return – but in a new form than how we knew it before. I thought it best to hold off on needless speculation until I knew more. Now seems like a good time to list some details we know (or at least think we know).

2021 Venza Specs

As we all know, information on something that has not officially been announced yet can change or alter within a matter of days and weeks and months. However, here is what we think we know so far.

The Venza that reaches dealerships as a 2021 model year vehicle will be somewhere in size between a 2020 RAV4 and a 2020 Highlander. In other words, it will more than likely be classified as a midsize SUV, perhaps even a midsize crossover SUV.

It will seat 5 passengers. This is interesting, as the 2020 RAV4 seats 5 passengers, but the 2020 Highlander seats either 7 or 8 people (depending on middle row configuration). This 2021 Toyota Venza will be larger than a RAV4 yet seat the same number of people. In my mind I am hoping for plenty of rear seat legroom if this scenario comes to fruition.

A 2021 Venza will arrive in the U.S. retail market as a Hybrid-only vehicle. I am thinking it would make a heck of an announcement if Toyota announces both the rumored 2021 Sienna Hybrid-only and 2021 Venza at the same time.

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The new Venza will more than likely arrive only in all-wheel drive form. No front-wheel drive option. This would match the grade strategy of 2020 RAV4 in that it only has one drivetrain layout for its hybrid. In comparison, a huge selling point for 2020 Highlander Hybrid is that it is available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

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2021 Toyota Venza release date

Again, this is all conjecture and hypothesis until we hear an official statement from Toyota. I am told we can expect to see this rumored 2021 Venza in late 2020, as in October to November date range. This could change obviously.

Time for your thoughts on 2021 Venza and other models

Thanks for reading everyone. It is always a slippery slope to discuss vehicles that have not yet been announced.

However, this is part of the fun of my column – we have fun talking about everything in the world of Toyota, including whispers and speculation.

What I do know is that most Toyota owners know they are driving around cars, trucks and SUVs that are dependable, reliable and hold up well over time. More often than not with very high resale value as well.

It is an exciting time to be a fan of Toyota. Stay tuned and bookmark Torque News Toyota site for ongoing news and updates.

See you next story when I share stories and personal accounts of people who have owned Toyota Venza in the past.

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Jeff; Thanks for the update news on 2021 Venza. I live in Connecticut. I owned a 2010 Venza FWD and 4 cyl. I really need an AWD vehicle for the snow and ice here. In November 2019 I ordered a 2019 Highlander XLE with AWD and 6 cyl. I LOVED the VENZA but had to trade it for AWD. I now Love my Highlander AWD! I "might" have gotten the Limited for upgraded sound system. But really do love the Highlander
u should've waited for the new limited Venza
The current RAV4 and previous generation are both claiming to seat 5, but comfort is bad for outboard passengers. If try to seat 5, the outboard passengers have seat backs digging into their backs due to contouring. The 5 passenger rating is good only for kids, otherwise only good for 4 average size adults. The previous Venza was good for 5, but only really bad thing was that Toyota made it fat, at 76-inch wide, wider than Highlander when the Venza debuted.
I loved my AWD Venza. I loved the width & cargo area. My husband is 6'4" & he was comfortable in the car & did not feel claustrophobic in it. I had over 300,000 mi on it when the differential went bad. If it's a hybrid I hope it still has power to merge. I now live in SC, but travel often to Md. & NY. Power to merge on high speed interstates is a must. I was heartbroken when they discontinued Venza. I would definitely purchase again.
Yes. The Venza was fat. That is what I like about it. I have a 2014 Venza XLE. V6 AWD. The good thing about the Venza is that golf clubs fit width wise. Most crossovers need the clubs to go lengthwise. If you have more than 2 people, that is a problem. Love the width for hauling things. Can’t wait for the 2021 Venza for me to upgrade.
While this Venza could fill a niche, would really like them fill the space between the CHR and the RAV4, or make the CHR awd, and a better, less pathetic engine.
Hope Venza is priced right this time around. I think $27,000 is about what will make it optimum. If this is plug in hybrid, then it will make an excellent product for Toyota. It can attract Model Y buyers most probably who are not open to BEV only.
My husband just turned his 2015 Venza to 310,000 miles. It is show room condition and beautiful with no signs of slowing down. No major repairs ever. He hopes to trade for a new Venza soon. Fingers crossed. Thank you Toyota
My wife and I bought a brand new 2010 Barcelona Red AWD, V-6 with panoramic sun roof, JBL sound system and many other bells and whistles. We are still driving it, and have only 74,000 miles on it. This vehicle has been amazing and we enjoy driving it as much today as the day we left the lot with it. We have only ever had to do routine maintenance and have never had any mechanical problems. I hope the new version of this vehicle will be as dependable as the one we have. This is primarily our “family” vehicle and my 2011 Toyota Tundra is our boat towing vehicle. Another dependable Toyota vehicle that has performed flawlessly.
I am currently driving a 2010 Venza with every upgrade offered at that time. It’s so practical I always wondered why Toyota discontinued it. Though the price brand new was originally way too high. I bought it in 2012 with 23k miles and saved over $10k. It’s been a good, reliable car as I near 80k miles. Still a sharp looking vehicle with 20” wheels...seeing her in the parking lot still makes me happy. Only significant repair besides brakes and tires was replacing the rear hatch struts last year for around $500. I’m pretty excited to hear it’s coming back. Would I get another one, maybe, I’m waiting for the 2021 Sienna to have more room for dogs and kids, though the Venza meets 90% of our needs.
I have a 2011 AWD Venza with about 150k miles. I would love to trade it in for a new one. I have been looking at new cars and nothing compares to the space of my Venza. I can fit 3 adults (large) in the back seat. Fingers crossed for the new venza. I am thrilled by the idea of better gas mileage!
My wife LOVES her 2010 Venza, currently at 190k miles and zero major repairs. Would definitely replace with a new Venza if we could get the same car we have but will not even consider a hybrid. Give us another 6 cyl beast and we'll buy. Put a hybrid put-put-car out there and we'll have to look at something else.
I leased a 2015 Toyota VENZA, only to learn a few weeks after I leased that Toyota was discontinuing it. How sad I was at that time, but even more so after I drove it for 3 years. It was very hard to turn it in and lease a new Highlander. I should have purchased it. I would go back to my Venza in a heartbeat. Can't wait to hear more about it!
I currently have a Venza 2014 which I purchased after a collision with a deer totally destroyed my first Venza a 2010 model . I love my 2014 Venza which had 9500 miles on it when purchased. It now has about 69,000 miles on it. I have not had any problems we with it. I was sad when I found out about Toyota discontinued making the Venza. I love the design and the wide body. It actually has the feel of a van. I hate the Rav 4 and would never purchase one. The only thing I would have to think about in purchasing another Venza would be if it did not have enough engine power like some hybrids. That maybe a deal breaker for me. I love the easy in and out and electric seats. Hope they do come back without too many changes. I like the original models like they are.
This would be great. The whole family currently drives toyota hybrids. I am 6'5" and the new Rav4 redesign has lowered the headroom for me and the highlander, which fits, is a little bit much as a personal driver. A Lexus RX hybrid would be OK but going to premium fuel is unnecessary. A Venza, pending headroom and legroom, would be perfect.
Very excited to see the Venza coming back BUT very sad only in hybrid! I hope they have both and would trade my 2014 Venza in for a newer one!!!
Just recently purchased a 2015 Venza & loving it so far. Traded in a Lexus GX 470 that used premium gas. Better gas mileage and price plus more legroom. I feel like I made a great decision. Love the panoramic roof.
I love my 2011 Venza & am looking at new vehicles. Would trade for new one if it comes back & would like to sit a bit higher, have more towing capability ( 2 waverunners ) & V 6 AWD too not just hybrid. Hope Toyota releases info & specs soon!!
Have a 2014 Venza that I love and want another one! Best car/SUV ever. Not excited about it being a hybrid but will definitely buy a new one as soon as they come out. PLEASE TOYOTA make the VENZA AGAIN!
We were of the very first that purchased the 2009 XLE V6. We still have it. 178000 miles. Only problems, starter (3 times) and alternator (1). Extremely reliable vehicle. My wife asked me when we will get a new one. We couldn’t find a new one (2016) last one. We were looking to buy the closest one in style ( Lexus RX) but now we will wait for the 2021. Thanks for the heads up.
Offer top trims with a special order option for the smaller tire/rim size. I need a little more cushion on these country roads. Tried buying a 2020 Highlander Platinum - No special orders to downsize the tires/rims. If it wouldn't void the warrantee, I'd just replace them; but dealer said I can't change the rim size while under warrantee.
We had a 2010 Venza and LOVED IT, it was a XLT - with V-6, AWD and was a perfect car for Retired people, very roomy and easy to get in and out of. Biggest complaints were "CHEEP INTERIOR" should have been more like Highlander, the second complaint was "ROAD NOISE", the only other problem was the screen in the middle of the dash needs to be mounted on a different angle. I am not wanting a hybrid car Just a plain dependable V-6. I currently am driving a 2015 Highlander and would LOVE to go back to a VENZA !!!!!!!!!
I have a 2013 Toyota Venza AWD with 150,000. It's black and it's beautiful. Good to know people are still driving a Venza with 300,000. I will not sell my Venza unless a new Venza comes on the market.
have 2009 v6 front wheel drive 140k miles love it . cv joints replaced but is running well. Prefer the fwd model as awd can have complications and lesser mileage and is more affordable.
I can’t wait to see the new Venza. Shame that it’s only being offered in a hybrid... hopefully Toyota will offer a gas version for ‘22. I’d buy one in a heartbeat!
I'm happy the Venza will be hybrid. Will the front passengers seat have more controls to move up and down and not just back and forth? This is important to me.
We have a Venza 2012. We love and enjoy how much room the front seats and back seats have. It’s also perfect for seniors as it is easy to enter and exit. Our only complaint is the noise level and the bumpy ride it gives. Hope these issues will be addressed. If these are rectified we will most certainly purchase one when they are available.
My 2013 Venza 4 cyl. awd and all the options has 190km's on the odometer with routine maintenance only to date. We love this vehicle apart from the noisy cabin experience on highways. Hopefully it will replace the liquid crystal upper display with a brighter one and improve the position of the whole display/GPS unit. Not sure about a hybrid version for entering high speed highways