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You Will Not Believe All These Standard 2020 Toyota Highlander Features

The all-new redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander will arrive at dealerships later this month. Find out what features are standard for all Highlanders this latest model year.

The time is just about here. For the last year people have wondered what the newly-redesigned fourth generation 2020 Highlander will look like. Spoiler alert: it looks great. However, what about features? This information is less readily available and it is crucial for prospective buyers hoping to buy a new midsize SUV this year.

This latest generation is loaded with new safety, technology and convenience. Let’s see what will be offered standard across every level of 2020 Toyota Highlander.

2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited ruby flare pearl profile view2020 Highlander features across the board

The first thing to learn is what features come standard on the 2020 Highlander, regardless of what level someone ends up buying. This newest generation comes with a bold, sophisticated look that is striking to say the least. All Highlanders are 2.36 inches longer than the previous generation, and this move allows for more cargo volume. It also gives more room for third row passengers, as the second row can now be slid an additional 1.2 inches further to give more space between rows.

2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited second row seats

Also, Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 has made its way into all 2020 Highlanders. This package of active safety features helps lessen the chances for front collisions, side collisions, accidents at night, and incidents from distracted driving. In addition to traditional Toyota Safety Sense features, look for Lane Tracing Assist and Road Sign Assist to be added into the mix.

2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited front seats beigeBig infotainment upgrades for 2020 Highlander

Highlander interior styling has dramatically improved, giving the cabin a spacious, welcoming, simplistic, and yet modern feel. All drivers have a power driver’s seat, which will be either an 8-way or 10-way depending on the grade chosen.

2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited interior multimedia infotainment system

Plan on a minimum 8-inch multimedia touch screen in every Highlander (some will have massive 12.3-inch screens). Standard across-the-board Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Waze, SiriusXM and Amazon Alexa commands as well. For many years, although most everyone knew Toyota vehicles were reliable and extremely dependable, they were considered as being behind other manufacturers in technology capabilities. Toyota has certainly taken a giant leap forward in this area, especially with the Highlander and other models like the RAV4 and 4Runner.

2020 Highlander performance

Unless we are talking about the 2020 Highlander Hybrid, all Highlander trim levels come with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 295 horsepower and 263 lb.-ft. torque. This is matched with a direct-shift 8-speed automatic transmission. No longer will customers have the option of a 4-cylinder Highlander. Expect these to average 22 MPG combined gas economy.

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In comparison, all 2020 Highlander Hybrid models utilize a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine working with two electric motors. This produces 240 total hybrid system horsepower. For the first time, Highlander Hybrids will come in either 2WD or AWD. Hybrids will average 34 MPG combined, which is a 17 percent increase over last year.

How about color choices Jeff?

Toyota Highlander will be offered in 8 different colors for the 2020 model year. New choices are magnetic gray metallic, ruby flare pearl, opulent amber, blueprint and moon dust. You will also see colors you are familiar with in the Highlander lineup – blizzard pearl, midnight black metallic and celestial silver metallic.

Looking forward to 2020 Highlander

Pricing for the entire 2020 Toyota Highlander lineup should be available within the next couple weeks, and I will write a story on this for you as soon as it is available. New Highlanders should begin reaching local dealerships all around the country by the end of the month and into January.

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What do you think of the appearance, styling and features for the 2020 Highlander? Is this something you will have on your list to look at once it comes out?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story as I compare all trim levels of the 2020 Toyota Highlander.

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Will (not verified)    December 7, 2019 - 7:25AM

You can’t be surprised at Toyota “options”. They’re things that have been standard on other cars for 10 years. It’s where Toyota gets its reliability from. But it was frustrating to try to sell them. People that weren’t blindly buying Toyota’s cuz daddy said to were confused by the spartan featureless vehicles with $50k asking prices, that were smaller and got a ton worse fuel efficiency and drivability than anything else out there. “But they have great resale”