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Toyota Models You Should Be Excited About In 2024

Toyota is bringing out some serious contenders for the 2025 mode year, and these are the most exciting Toyota premieres to look out for.

Toyota has been on a roll, churning out exciting models across all segments. Between the rally-bred Toyota GR Yaris, the GR Corolla hot hatchback, or the fact Toyota listened to the fans and gave the GR Supra a manual, the Japanese carmaker has been successful in giving enthusiasts what they want. Then, there are the neo-retro-styled SUV models, including the hybrid Land Cruiser J250, and the newly-unveiled Toyota 4Runner.  

That said, Toyota isn't done with the pleasant surprises, and here are five upcoming Toyota models, you should be excited about in 2024. 

Toyota Stout 

Toyota EPU Concept is the perfect companion for surfing, camping, and other exciting activities

Toyota is big on heritige and it seems the brand is aiming to bring at least one other iconic nameplate back to the land of the living. Among those is the Toyota Stout, which is previewed by the EPU concept. It will, once again, be a light pickup truck, and it will be based on the TNGA-C platform. Moreover, Toyota was caught testing the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, which further confirms the coming of a Toyota competitor to those two.  

Toyota Tacoma GR Sport 

The fourth-generation Toyota Tacoma has been a fact since 2023, but the iconic Toyota pickup truck is not done yet. The company is preparing a few exciting versions for 2025, with the most versatile among them shaping up to be the Tacoma GR Sport.

The combination of off-road credentials, and the Tundra's twin-turbo V-6 engine, which produces 421 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque make it a true force on and off the road. Rumor has it the Tacoma GR Sport will be offering a six-speed manual, possibly as an only transmission option.  

Toyota Supra GRMN 

Toyota Supra GRMN will borrow elements from the GR Supra GT4 Evo race car

The track-focused Toyota Supra GRMN will be the swan song of the current-generation GR Supra. The latest rumors are a bit disappointing as we found out, the Supra GRMN will not be powered by the S58, twin-turbo engine, instead keeping the B58.

That said, the Supra GRMN will adopt some features of the Supra GT4 Evo race car, among which more aggressive aero, better chassis tuning, a bump in power, and an entirely new, DCT gearbox. Will all that justify the Supra GRMN's $30,000 premium over the regular GR Supra 3.0

Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition 

2024 Toyota GR86 Trueno edition rear end

How to come up with a proper send-off for one of the purest, modern-day sports cars from Toyota? Give it a two-tone, white and black color scheme, better chassis tuning, and an iconic nameplate, and voila.

The Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition evokes the thrills of the AE86 Corolla, more specifically the Panda Trueno featured in the Initial D franchise. SACHS dampers and Brembo brake make the GR86 Trueno even more fun to throw around the twisties while Active Safety Suite comes available with the six-speed manual transmission. Why would you get an auto on this car anyway? 

Toyota FJ Cruiser 

The 2022 Toyota Compact Crusier EV previews a smaller, more futuristic successor to the FJ Cruiser

Toyota's first modern take on the classic SUV design was with the FJ Cruiser produced between 2007 and 2014 (until 2022 in the Middle East). Toyota FJ Cruiser featured a modern take on the FJ40 Land Cruiser design, and now, Toyota is once again, evoking the classic model with a spiritual successor to the last FJ Cruiser.

The Toyota EV Compact Cruiser was one of 16 Toyota and Lexus concepts unveiled in late 2021, and it looks smaller than its predecessor. Perhaps small enough to share the TNGA-C platform with the upcoming Stout? If so, we can expect FHEV powertrains revolving around the 2.5-liter Atkinson Cycle inline-four engine.  

Which one of these models are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Image Source: Toyota EPU Concept, Toyota GR Supra GT4 Evo, Toyota GR86 Trueno, Toyota Compact Cruiser EV