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New Reports About Toyota's Supra GRMN Suggest It Will Not Be Quite What We Expected

The latest information regarding the 2025 Toyota Supra GRMN bring unexpected surprises.

The most hardcore of Toyota's GR Supra is on its way soon and new details have come out from Japan. The Toyota Supra GRMN was said to be powered by BMW's S58, twin-turbo, straight-six engine, and feature more track-focused aerodynamics and chassis tuning. While most of this is true, new details shed light on the Toyota Supra GRMN drivetrain and engine choice, and it is not quite what we had expected.  

The reports come from the Japanese automotive outlet, BestCarWeb, which in the past, supplied reliable information about upcoming models from Japanese carmakers.  

Racing know-how 

Toyota Gazoo Racing has sprinkled some of its motorsport magic onto the GR Supra, but the GRMN goes even further. It will reportedly feature elements borrowed straight from the Supra GT4 EVO car, which is a fully-dedicated race car made available to privateer teams. Only 100 units of the Supra GT4 EVO are scheduled for production.  

Among the GT4 elements, borrowed by the Supra GRMN are more extensive use of carbon fiber, front canards, and a new rear wing.  

Not the engine you expected 

2023 Toyota Supra GT4 Evo front 3/4 view on a race track

Given the Toyota Supra GRMN's steep price compared to the GR Supra, we expect a bump in performance. Increase in horsepower is, indeed, on the menu for the Supra GRMN, but it will not come from the engine you expect.  

Instead of BMW's S58, twin-turbo inline-six, typically reserved for BMW's M3 and M4 models, the Supra GRMN will continue to rely on the award-winning B58 engine. In the past, when the Gentleman's Agreement stated horsepower be limited to 276, Japanese carmakers extracted extra performance through chassis, aerodynamics, and suspension tuning.  

To an extent, we are seeing the same with the Toyota Supra GRMN. That said, the reports from Japan indicate Toyota Supra GRMN will, essentially, be a road-legal variant of the Supra GT4 EVO race-only car, and that one has a power output of 430 horsepower, instead of the GR Supra's claimed 382.  

Toyota Supra GRMN will feature a completely new transmission for Toyota

2023 Toyota Supra GT4 Evo rear 3/4 view close up

It sounds like the eight-speed ZF automatic will not be available for the 2025 Toyota Supra GRMN. Instead, the track-focused Supra will arrive with the first-ever for Toyota, seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic. In the past, BMW used a seven-speed DCT in their more performance-oriented models, but it is unknown at this point if we are talking about the same transmission.  

Don't worry, the six-speed manual will still be available for those wanting to participate more actively in the driving process. 

How much will the 2025 Toyota Supra GRMN cost? 

Reports from Japan indicate a price between 12 and 13 million yen, which in 2024 money, is approximately $78,000-$85,000. As we discussed in a previous article about the Supra GRMN, it will be around $30,000 more expensive than the Toyota GR Supra. Toyota Supra GRMN is expected to debut around Spring 2025, and it will be the swan song of the current model before the next-generation Toyota Supra arrives.

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Image source: Toyota Gazoo Racing