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3 Reasons 2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition is Cooler Than You Think

Much improved for 2022, Tacoma Trail Edition may now be one of the best Tacoma trim levels. Three important reasons below.


Many of the videos I create for my "ToyotaJeff Reviews" YouTube channel evolve from viewer comments and questions.

My thought process is that if one person has a question, that many other people around the world might have this same idea or request.

Same reasoning applies to my Torque News/Toyota News column stories.

And in this case, the 2022 Tacoma Trail Edition.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition Double Cab Lunar Rock bronze wheels back end rear end profile

This comment from a viewer named Jim inspired me. “What do you think about the new Tacoma Trail Special Edition for 2022? Worth the hype?”

Well Jim, I am thrilled that you asked. And just like that, a new story is born.

One of the new additions to the 2022 Toyota Tacoma lineup is the Tacoma Trail Edition.

Well, that is not exactly true. Toyota refreshed and revamped this trim level for 2022 to be more worthy of what we might think of when we hear the words “Tacoma” and “Trail” in the same breath.

In other words, 2022 Tacoma Trail Edition feels like it is brand new.

Based on the SR5 Double Cab 4x4 configuration, Trail Edition is more capable and versatile than ever before.

It is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 278 horsepower and 265 lb.-ft. torque. Matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

But that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

2022 Tacoma Trail Edition Now Locks

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition Double Cab Lunar Rock interior locking rear differential

Standard on 2022 Toyota Tacoma, at least in the Trail Edition, is a locking rear differential.

Missing on the 2021 Tacoma Trail Edition, now drivers can successfully conquer those tougher obstacles where wheel slippage typically becomes a problem.

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A locking rear differential locks both wheels on the same rear axle so they both turn at the same rate. Thus, doing the same amount of work. Preventing wheels from slipping and allowing for the most traction possible based on conditions and terrain.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition is Lifted

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition Double Cab Lunar Rock profile side view

The 2022 Tacoma Trail has a standard 1.1-inch front and 0.5-inch rear suspension lift.

This improvement results in taller ground clearance and off-roading capabilities. Approach angle improves to 34 degrees, while departure angle improves to 23.6 degrees. Breakover angle also improves – to 26.4 degrees.

In short, your Tacoma Trail can now do more things and go more places.

2022 Tacoma Trail is Bronzed

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition Double Cab Lunar Rock bronze wheels

Yes, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition has its own unique look within the Tacoma lineup.

Look for 16-inch bronze-finished wheels and Goodyear all-terrain tires that feature a rugged and aggressive sidewall tread pattern.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition Double Cab Lunar Rock front end

You will also notice this eye-catching first impression – the “TOYOTA” front grille with bronze lettering.

Other 2022 Tacoma Trail Notes

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition Double Cab Lunar Rock cargo bed lockable storage

Lockable storage boxes are located on both sides of the bed. Driver side storage box is insulated to hold drinks and other supplies you wish to keep chilled.

Choose from four different exterior paint colors: Super White, Army Green, Midnight Black Metallic, and Lunar Rock.

Interior cabin features black fabric seats with bronze accent stitching.

Time for Your Toyota Tacoma Comments

2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition Double Cab Lunar Rock interior black seats

You can expect to begin seeing the refreshed 2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition at local dealerships around the first of the year.

What do you think of the Trail Edition? Are you a fan? What is your ideal Toyota Tacoma trim level?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I discuss Toyota remote engine start and why you may not have it free for much longer.


Kim Broussard (not verified)    March 10, 2022 - 11:14PM

When can we see the 2022 tacoma trail edition for sale at dealerships in the houston area?