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Ford Bronco Models Will Be Greeted By Festivities

When Ford reveals its three-model Bronco line Monday night, the new brand will be greeted by dealer receptions and parties. The automaker will use its own social media space to introduce the Bronco two-door and four-door and the slightly smaller Bronco Sport. The Ford fan world has been waiting for this model for three years.


It’s finally happening. It a bit less than 24 hours, Ford will finally unveil the brand-new Bronco brand and its three vehicles. The vehicles that Ford fans had been waiting for three years will finally be revealed.

Ford Bronco Models Revealed at 8 p.m.

Tomorrow night at 8 p.m., Ford will reveal its new corporate brand, Bronco. There are three modes included in tomorrow night’s festivities, a two-door, a four-door, and a mid-sized Bronco Sport. Tomorrow night, the moment that many Ford fans have been waiting for since at least 2017 will finally be here.

At 8 p.m. Monday, Ford will finally reveal the new brand. Tomorrow night’s unveiling will be shared by national viewers on Disney networks and dealerships where unveiling parties are planned from coast to coast. The unveiling is also planned online.

Among the festivities planned (as gathered by Car and Driver):

  • Displays of vintage Broncos
  • Viewing parties at dealerships
  • Parties that based on online and network pieces

Among the many celebrations planned for tomorrow night, you will find that many of them are special gatherings that follow the original Bronco from its first showings on the sales floor as the first two-door 4X4 pickup in 1966. From those beginnings, the 30-year life of the initial Bronco will probably be followed. Those years cover the first three generations of Bronco with the fourth-gen about to dawn Monday night.

Ford Bronco Sales Events

And, they will be sales events as they are the type of events for which dealerships have been waiting. As noted, the first hints that the Bronco might be coming back, after an absence of 30 years, came in 2017. Once the first hints and early looks at auto show protos were out there for a bit, more joined them as Ford actively began pushing Bronco with what seemed to be quarterly hints about the Bronco. By early last year, Bronco was fully confirmed with an entry in Baja 1000, the major race that put the Bronco on the map.

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrations planned tomorrow night across the country, thanks to Car and Driver.

In the Kansas City, Missouri, a suburb of Olathe, Olathe Ford is pulling out all the stops. The dealership is hosting a viewing party complete with food trucks. There will also be prizes, as well. And, they will have classic Broncos on hand. “We have done some events in the past and thought it would be cool to get a bunch of like-minded car geeks to come out and watch the reveal,” Matt Stowell, new-vehicle sales director, said.

The store plans on setting up a 15-foot screen. It is likely the screen will be used for the live stream on National Geographic, ESPN, and ABC. Some 60 to 80 attendees are expected. They will have lots of space for social distancing and the dealership doors will be open for added ventilation. Stowell is excited and believes the crowd will also be enthusiastic.

Stowell called the new Bronco a “game-changer for Ford.” He noted that this is the first vehicle that folks “are super, super excited about. When they did the Mustang in 2005, I mean that was something, but we have a Mustang already” so the excitement level wasn’t quite the same.

Moving to Sandy, Oregon, about three-quarters of an hour east of Portland, Suburban Ford is also planning a viewing party. And, as in Olathe, the dealership will have a collection of vintage Broncos, including one customized by owner Jerry Jaksich. His Bronco is out in front of the dealership.

Ford Broncos Become A Sales Thing

“We just love the Bronco and though, why not make a thing out of it? Why not have some fun with it? Especially with everything going on in the world,” Dom de Landro, internet marketing manager for the dealership said.

The dealership will place a large TV in the showroom and make sure everyone stays socially distanced. Food will be served. The dealership expects Bronco enthusiasts to arrive with teir own vintage and tricked-out Broncos. Erinn Sowle, dealership president, said they are especially sensitive to social distancing and wearing masks. “We want to make everyone feel as comfortable as we can

Both dealerships will be ready to start taking reservations as soon as the event is over. Ford will be taking $100 placeholders from anyone who may be interested in securing one of the three Broncos that will be unveiled.

On the internet, the Bronco enthusiast site Bronco Nation plans to host a reveal watch party live –stream event on its social channels that will be feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews. For example, Ben Dawson, the chief outdoor officer of Bronco Nation, said they will be talking with Ford VIPs, “people that were heavily involved with bringing the brand and the product to life, as well as behind the scenes from the standpoint of how did this vehicle come about.”

Ford Broncos Have An Interesting First

According to the site, it is an “independent enthusiast community and the first to be nationally recognized and certified by Ford.” The site also includes a signup page for more information on Ford’s upcoming “Off-Roadeo” events. The events will be at four sites in 2021. The two-day events will give the new Bronco owners a chance to do some actual off-roading in their new vehicles. There are no details on price, locations, or dates beyond sometime next year. When will there be deliveries? Given the current pandemic, who knows?

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