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This Electric Van Is The Solution for EV Fans, Who Need More Than 7 Seats

Do you want to drive an Electric Vehicle, but need more seating capacity than a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt? Do you have a small church or small school that needs to ferry little ones from one place to another, but can’t fit them all in a Nissan Leaf?


Now electric car fans have another option instead of taking two cars.

Via Motors has development a Chevy Volt style drive train package (eREV) that will give your new VIA VTrux Van 35 miles of battery range before an onboard range extender kicks on burning gas to generate additional electric range for your van.

So how does this sound? Pretty good right? Since some EV drivers would really like to carry more people, or more things, this offering is right smack in the middle of “white space”. So now even schools, hospitals, hotels, and large families have an option to go electric. This makes so much sense as many businesses use vans to move workers short distances. With an electric motor, this is extremely cost effective and will move many people at pennies per mile. The cost savings would be significant depending on the number of miles driven and the number of passengers carried at a time.

The additional beauty of VIA VTrux Van is that it provides export power as well. It can export 14.4 KWHs at 30 amps of power which is great for people that even tow a camper so you wouldn’t need a generator to bring with you on your trip. It also has plugs for 240v and 120v outlets. This is an excellent vehicle for many different reasons and I, for one, highly recommend investigating this opportunity.

At present it comes in a Van and Truck formats. Only drawback in my mind is that the vehicles are made in Mexico and wish this company that is USA-based, kept its manufacturing facilities in the USA. Incentives should be given to companies to move their operations.

Did you know that two months ago Nissan launched 7-seat e-NV200 Electric Van too?