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Jaguar’s Project 7 and a Motorcycle to die for

The Project 7 F-Type concept is one of the most stunning cars to come around in years, and if you like it, wait till you see the motorcycle they built to match it.


The smell of an internal combustion engine can be addictive and when you sprinkle in a bit of British racing history and you may have the perfect storm. The open road, your face in the wind, and the throttle at your fingertips, that sounds like a great day for the car guy. The Jaguar Project 7 road legal two-seater roadster must feel like a sport bike and a wind-blown joyride. Cars and bikes just go together and most car guys have a motorcycle or two in the garage, so it seems fitting that Jaguar teamed up to do a Project 7MC, a motorcycle designed and based on the looks of the F-Type Roadster. The striking motorbike is a creation from Hungarian designer Tama Jakus and is based on a Triumph Speed Triple. Immediately noticeable on the bike is the sport windshield, dual insect headlights, and sleek/sexy fuel tank. He also featured a couple of tasteful options on the bike; Jaguar shield emblems and gorgeous 5-spoke carbon wheels in place of the Triple’s iconic sport rims.

Plans to build only 250 of the Project 7 Convertible F-Type are underway and the 100% aluminum body will surely be a collectors dream. This project was unveiled in 2013 as part of the newly developed Special Operations team. The Project 7 F-Type was built to be a tribute to the seven Le Mans wins; especially the distinctive D-Type inspired fairing. If you are fortunate enough to purchase one you may find the bike just as desirable. Enthusiasts have raved about the car from the time the covers were pulled off and the roadster has the rumor mill churning with anticipation that Jaguar will soon release a new “SVR” Super F-type.

Additional details on the motorcycle reveal that it could be considered a piece of art. The bike has a hint of the café racer flair to it that’s so popular these days. The racing stripe and aggressive body curves gives this motorcycle called “Project 7MC” its iconic look that mimics the Jaguar’s front end. A lone seat is beautifully adorned with diamond stitching that carries a contrasting accent. As much technology is woven into this motorcycle, the original framework was kept intact and that’s what gives it such a retro look. Although this project was only a concept bike, we can hope that this awesome blend of Jaguar and Triumph will someday be built and grace the streets with its elegant beauty and race inspired style.

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