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Jaguar is getting its groove back thanks to the F-Type

They say a spark can start a fire and that’s what Jaguar needed was a spark. The new F-Type started with just a spark but it has ignited a fire that’s sweeping the automotive world!


Jaguar hit an automotive home run with the launch of the F-Type in 2013 but they can’t rest on this past success, they have to keep the hits coming or they will lose the momentum gained. The automotive industry changes so quickly, what’s popular today is fleeting fast tomorrow and as 2014 is about to close, Jaguar better be ready to keep the spark going with a fresh new lineup.

Jaguar has always been associated with a certain style, luxury, elegance, and sophistication that has made the brand so appealing. They have produced some of the most iconic cars on the planet and that’s part of what solidified the company with its loyal fans, but the fast paced society we live in today is constantly asking “What have you done for me lately”? Let’s hope Jaguar can continue to impress us with a fine tuned balance of luxury and performance that we have come to expect.

The question has to be asked, is the current lineup of vehicles from Jaguar enough to sustain the brand and keep it moving forward toward the top? The all-new XE is certainly a breath of fresh air and looks to snatch more than just a few consumers in the market for a new compact sedan. Jaguar calls it a “Compact Premium Sports Sedan” and it’s packed with style and state of the art technology to impress even the toughest critics. The XE is slated to arrive in the US in 2016 and will go up against some stiff competition from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz. The all-new aluminum lightweight frame and fuel economy alone should grab some attention with consumer in this market.

Jaguar is also flirting with the possibility of launching a “Super” F-Type spawned from the “Project 7” F-Type. The rumors are starting to get louder as Jaguar fans wonder what the SVO (Special Ops Team) group might be able to do with the current F-Type platform. I've heard talk of an SVR engine north of 600 horsepower and some spine tingling acceleration! Now that would be another ignition source that would take the sports car world by store a fire storm. This SVR edition F-Type could be just what Jaguar needs to keep the brand “Alive” as they like to put it. Just to add more fuel to the fire, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is about to release their 3rd SVO project vehicle with their Range Rover Sport SVR in mid-2015.

Photo by: Kane Design

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