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Jaguar F-Type is a driving experience not soon forgotten

The all-new F-Type from Jaguar is more than just your average sports car - and driving it is an experience unlike most other cars. This single car has captured the essence of pure joy behind the wheel.


When Jaguar released the F-Type in 2014 it was a whole new car and the first new roadster in 40 years. I attended and covered the launch/1st look event at my local Jaguar dealer. It created such a buzz with the local British car enthusiasts and had the whole town talking. The salesmen said the first dozen or so test drives resulted in folks following them back to the dealership to check out the new car. They wanted to know what it was and hear all about it.

Those stories reminded me of the pure excitement that the Ford Mustang had on consumers back in 1964 when the car captivated a nation. People were lined up at the dealerships to get a look at the new car from Ford. Jaguar has tried to capture this same allure from the F-Type and make you think for the first time about owning a British sports car! Jaguar uses words like intensity, ultimate, thrilling and exhilarating to describe this new F-Type; every one of those descriptions is spot on and will be used by you after a spirited test drive.

This video is a teaser of the driving experience you too can enjoy behind the wheel of the Jaguar F-Type.

If you have not owned or even driven a new car in the last 5-10 years, you must go drive this new car from Jaguar. Chances are it’s unlike anything you have driven before and you will return to the dealer with a big grin on your face. You can choose between the coupe or the roadster but if you choose the roadster it’s like a test flight in a jet with the cockpit open. From the moment you push the start button to the growling of the exhaust you know you are in for a serious test drive…so what is keeping you from trying it? The 550 horsepower will have your heart skipping a beat as you feel the power from under the hood, and the smoothness of the way the F-Type uses the power and torque will have you wanting to push it harder with every corner. Driving one of the new Jaguar F-Types is like a serious addiction, it will leave you wanting more and thinking about it all day.

Most enthusiasts including me can’t wait to see what Jaguar will do next and where they may take the F-Type when and if the SVO (Special Vehicles Operation) team gets ahold of it. The Project 7 team has already given us some hints of what they are capable of and it’s only going to get better.

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mb (not verified)    December 9, 2014 - 3:04AM

I'm not sure who dreamt the idea it would be a porsche beater, maybe media? but technically I feel f-type kind of lacks that ability against porsche but I also don't feel that jag intended to take on porsche because the visual and dynamic characteristic appeal of the f-type, whether its V6S or V8, means it's telling a different story about itself compared to a porsche. its a new car that has learnt to put that smile back on people's faces and that aspect it seems has been missing from cars for a long time.

I've sat in an owner's V6S f-type and in all honesty I wouldn't want more power. the cornering ability and power is just the right balance and you could feel the strong pull around corners and the snap crackle and pop noise is just to die for. the smile is priceless and never thought need more power. a lot of cars we drove pass were winding their windows down to listen to it drive pass.

regards to SVO, i'm not woo'ed by their creations because standard sports tuned cars from germany still seem to leave SVO cars for dust. what jag need to do is go further up market into Bentley territory with the ultimate. even though It's not Jag's key market they did have daimler and sovereign brands in the past and they should bank on those or reintroduce them than do SVO tuned cars.

Joseph (not verified)    December 9, 2014 - 10:52AM

mb.....thanks for your insight to this article! You are correct about the F-Type being a great balance of power and handling, but if Jaguar build this "Super" F-Type with lightweight goodies, it could be something special :) We can dream right??

mb (not verified)    December 9, 2014 - 5:12PM

In reply to by Joseph (not verified)

no harm in dreaming. With regards to the super F-type i think they have a brilliant setup to exploit to make a super leggera GT track car but bare in mind it looks small but its weight is near enough similar to XK so big weight loss is a must. their modified cars also have heavy price tag and buyers might be limited only to those who personally like Jag whereas others will explore the market and find better standard performance cars for better value.

its difficult to debate or discuss but what i see is a Jag that is still carrys a traditional message at heart but their SVO creations look like a 40 yr old on a trip to the hair salon gone wrong and comes back wearing leather gear, pierced ears, gel'ed hair like he's wants to be 18 again, it doesn't seem to work. it looks too "after market". there is a way to look cool that goes with the maturity of the product.

for me the old Jags have shown that Jag had experts back then who were innovative and enthusiastic but all I see now seems to suggest it's a visual publicity stunt to attract young buyers to Jags than do proper racing engineering to exploit a car's and engine's true potential and sell that ability of theirs to attract young/new buyers and make Jaguar stand out in the crowd but not someone who is trying too hard.

mb (not verified)    December 11, 2014 - 4:45AM

i'd like to have my fingers crossed but I get a feeling what it will look like. nice chatting with you sir...