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Jaguar F-Type outperforms the competition again

Why did North America’s premier private racetrack decide to choose the Jaguar F-Type? The Monticello Motor Club in NY switched from the Cadillac CTS-V to the Jaguar F-Type for use on their racetrack as part of their driving experience.

The 4.1 mile twisty track is nestled in the rolling hills of upper state New York and is located only 90 minutes from New York City. Their website says it is “North America’s Premier Automotive Resort and Private Racetrack” and also boasts “It is a luxury destination with an array of services and amenities such as professional instruction, track-side support, premium car storage, racecar rentals, private race schools for novice to experienced track enthusiasts, karting, corporate entertainment, fine dining, and five-star services”.

However, in 2013 they changed their track cars used by instructors and participants from the Cadillac CTS-V to the Jaguar F-Type Coupes. The track and its officials made the move to the F-Types about two years ago. The Jaguar F-Type has been one of the most exciting new sports coupes in the sports car market today and with its proven on-track performance stats it’s hard to argue with the decision they made. Ari Straus (President/Partner-Monticello Motor Club) said “We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Jaguar. No other manufacturer has offered more new models…. we have several new V8 F-Types”. This new partnership insures that MMC members and guests can experience on-track driving and instructions while in the wickedly fast F-Types.

Taking your own car to the track and running some hot laps has become very popular for weekend warriors these days and the best way to do it and do it right is to go to one of the many performance driving schools across the country. By going to one of these tracks you can pay to have the driving pros teach you the correct way to make your car perform to its maximum potential and do it in a safe way. These driving schools offer you (from novice to semi-pro) the opportunity to run laps at the wonderful and challenging tracks in a demo car (typically a current sports car).

Another popular new attraction is to build your own weekend track car equipped with all the newest suspension and brake upgrades so that you can visit your local track and play race car driver all weekend long. Now before you go turn your daily driver into a track car, I’ll warn you of two things: It can become a very expensive hobby, and it’s extremely addictive! However, the fun factor is off the charts and you will always want to do more and go faster.

I have not built one yet but I am strongly considering purchasing some seat time at one of these performance driving schools so that I’ll be ready to tackle the track or maneuver the obstacles on my daily commute to and from work (which can be like a race some days).

If you decide to take a trip to upstate New York and check out the track at Monticello, be forewarned; after some spirited driving in the Jaguar F-Type, you might have to make a visit to your local Jaguar dealership to see if are ready to become a new owner.

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