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2024 Defender 130 Outbound Review: This Car Is Built to Explore, Not Commute

The 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound is big, powerful, and ready to tackle any challenge you point it at. Off-road enthusiasts, take note: this thing is a champ. Land Rover packed it with everything you need to conquer any trail.

The special 2024 Defender 130 Outbound gets tough with beefy off-road tires. It ditches the back windows and third-row seats to create a massive cargo cave.

The Land Rover Defender bridges the gap between the utilitarian spirit of its rugged ancestors and the luxurious, go-anywhere attitude of the modern Range Rover. This means it's equally adept at tackling tough terrain alongside Jeep Wranglers and Lexus GXes, while offering comfortable on-road manners and a plush interior for post-adventure relaxation.

Offered in a variety of trims, the 2025 lineup welcomes the new top-of-the-line Octa model, offering a powerful twin-turbo V8, an advanced suspension system, and an even more luxurious cabin. With four engine options and three body styles, the Defender caters to diverse needs. The two-door 90 is the purist's choice, while the 130's extended wheelbase and third-row seating prioritize both passengers and cargo. The 110 offers a perfect blend of the 90's cool factor with the practicality of four doors. No matter which Defender you choose, Land Rover has successfully reinvented this off-road vehicle, seamlessly integrating modern comforts into a timeless, instantly recognizable design.

What's New In 2024 Defender?

Land Rover adds some interesting options to the 2024 Defender lineup, especially for those seeking adventure or a touch of luxury.

For those who prioritize cargo space and off-road capability, the long-wheelbase Defender 130 gets a new Outbound trim. This trim trades the third-row seats and rearmost windows for a massive cargo area, perfect for gear or customization with aftermarket accessories. Adventurers will also be happy to know the 130 can now be equipped with the powerful 518-hp supercharged V8 engine, previously only available on the 90 and 110 models.

If you're looking for a touch of elegance, the 110 body style gains a new County Exterior package. This package includes a two-tone paint job, unique 20-inch wheels, illuminated door sill protectors, and interior accents that complement the exterior for a cohesive and stylish look.

2024 Defender 130 Outbound exterior design

The 2024 Land Rover Defender offers a range of trims to suit various needs and budgets, with prices starting at $57,875 for the base 90 S and reaching up to $120,075 for the luxurious 110 Carpathian Edition. In between, you'll find options like the adventure-ready 130 Outbound and the performance-focused V8 models on both the 90 and 110 body styles.


The unique exterior design of the Defender 130 Outbound is stylish and functional. The vehicle sports a Shadow Atlas Matt finish on the bumpers and insert grille, while the side vents are finished in Anthracite.

To complete the look, 20-inch wheels finished in Gloss Black and 22-inch wheels finished in Shadow Atlas Matt are available. The color palette includes Fuji White, Santorini Black, Carpathian Gray and Eiger Gray.

2024 Defender 130 Outbound

The Defender 130 Outbound isn't just about maximizing cargo space inside. Land Rover equips it with a clever exterior upgrade: a side-mounted gear carrier. This handy attachment lets you carry extra gear on the outside of the vehicle, freeing up precious space for passengers or essential items within.

The carrier is designed for both functionality and aesthetics. Built with tough, weather-resistant materials, it can withstand the elements and keep your gear protected. Land Rover claims it's aerodynamically designed to minimize wind noise and ensure a smooth ride. To add to its convenience, the carrier is lockable and even features a handy built-in net to secure your belongings.

But the fun doesn't stop there. To help you access that roof cargo (essential with the missing rear windows!), the 130 Outbound offers a nifty little ladder.


This retractable ladder is made from sturdy aluminum and folds neatly into the side of the vehicle when not in use. With grippy steps for secure footing, it makes reaching the roof rack a breeze, perfect for loading or unloading gear like kayaks or camping equipment.


The interior offers a choice of luxurious materials like full-grain Windsor leather or durable Resist fabric, both finished in Ebony. The roof is Morzine Ebony, the veneer is Robustec, and the Defender's signature crossbar is finished in Satin Black Powder Coat Brushed.

2024 Defender 130 Outbound Interior

The Defender 130 Outbound's interior is a study in contrasts. It blends premium materials with a utilitarian mindset, creating a space that's as comfortable as it is functional. Land Rover fans will find familiar design cues that evoke the brand's heritage, like exposed rivets on the door panels that hint at the vehicle's off-road prowess.

A structural magnesium beam runs across the dashboard, adding a touch of industrial chic while also providing strength. Below the infotainment screen, a unique trapezoidal section on the dash houses climate control buttons and driving mode switches. Land Rover cleverly positions the shift lever and ignition switch here as well, keeping them within easy reach.

2024 Defender 130 Outbound second row seat

While some Defender models offer a jump seat option in the center console, the 130 Outbound prioritizes cargo space. It ditches the third row entirely, creating a cavernous cargo area perfect for serious adventuring. This makes it ideal for those who value gear-hauling capability over passenger capacity.


This big vehicle isn't just about conquering trails; it lets you stay connected on the go too. Land Rover equips it with the new Pivi Pro infotainment system, featuring a standard 10-inch touchscreen (with an optional larger 11.4-inch display available). This system is a big leap forward compared to Land Rover's previous offerings.

Pivi Pro offers a single, intuitive touchscreen interface, ditching the dual-screen setup of older models. It delivers snappy response times and the ability to receive software updates over the air, keeping your Defender feeling fresh. Standard features include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and built-in navigation, so you'll never get lost on your adventures.

Onboard Wi-Fi keeps you connected, while a six-speaker stereo provides the soundtrack to your journey. If you crave a richer audio experience, optional 10 or 14-speaker Meridian sound systems are available. To further elevate the interior, higher-end Defender models can be equipped with a digital gauge cluster and a head-up display for a truly connected and information-rich driving experience.

Fuel Economy

The 2024 Defender 130 Outbound isn't fuel efficient because of its big size and capabilities. Therefore, this vehicle prioritizes capability over fuel efficiency. While its EPA ratings are on par with other Defender models equipped with the same engine, it won't exactly win any eco-marathons. Expect to see around 17 mpg in city driving and 21 mpg on the highway. If fuel efficiency is a major concern, you might want to consider a different Land Rover model or explore alternative options altogether.

2024 Defender 130 Outbound Cargo Space

However, if you prioritize off-road prowess and cargo space, the 130 Outbound's capable nature might outweigh the fuel consumption for you. The fuel economy of the Defender 130 Outbound is 17 mpg and 16/18 city/highway. 

Defender's Engine Options, Transmission and Power

The Defender 130 Outbound offers a choice between two engines, both paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and Land Rover's capable four-wheel-drive system with locking differentials for tackling any terrain.

The standard option is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a solid choice for everyday adventures. For those seeking more muscle, the 130 Outbound can be equipped with a potent 3.0-liter inline-six engine. This advanced powerplant utilizes both an electric supercharger and a 48-volt hybrid system, delivering impressive performance. In our tests, the 130 Outbound with this engine reached 60 mph in a brisk 6.2 seconds.

2024 Defender 130 Outbound Engine

But if pure power is your priority, the 130 Outbound can be had with a fire-breathing 518-hp supercharged V8 engine. This powerhouse propels the smaller Defender 90 from 0 to 60 mph in a scorching 4.4 seconds, so you can imagine the thrill it brings to the 130.

Land Rover has ditched the old body-on-frame construction for a more modern unibody design in the Defender. This translates to a smoother ride, while the fully independent suspension ensures confident handling on any road (or lack thereof). The base suspension utilizes coil springs, but an air suspension upgrade is available, allowing you to adjust the ride height for optimal performance in various situations.

With 11.5 inches of ground clearance and the ability to wade through up to 35 inches of water, the Defender 130 Outbound outshines rivals like the Jeep Wrangler in terms of both off-road prowess and water fording capability. This combination of engine options, a smooth transmission, and a capable drivetrain makes the 130 Outbound a force to be reckoned with on any adventure.

Taming the Trail: How the Defender 130 Outbound Handles the Wild

The 2024 Defender 130 Outbound isn't afraid to get dirty. Forget about Sunday drives; this Land Rover is built to conquer anything you throw at it. But don't be confused by its size – the 130 Outbound is surprisingly nimble for its long wheelbase.

The standard coil spring suspension provides a comfortable ride on smooth roads, but the real magic happens off-road. Thanks to the fully independent suspension and impressive 11.5 inches of ground clearance, the 130 Outbound tackles rough terrain with confidence. It feels surefooted and planted, even when traversing uneven surfaces or navigating rocky inclines.

2024 Defender 130 Outbound Rear View

The Defender 130 Outbound's focus on rugged capability comes with a trade-off on daily driving. The large rear panels create a significant blind spot, which can be nerve-wracking in tight city streets or when switching lanes on highways. While the blind-spot monitoring system is helpful, relying solely on it isn't ideal, especially after tackling a muddy trail that might clog the sensors.

Land Rover's four-wheel-drive system with locking differentials deserves a shoutout here. It provides exceptional grip and traction, allowing you to power through loose gravel, mud, or sand with ease. The available air suspension adds another layer of control, letting you adjust the ride height for different situations. Need extra clearance for a steep climb? No problem. Encountering a water crossing? Simply raise the suspension and wade through with confidence – the 130 Outbound boasts a best-in-class wading depth of 35 inches.

While the 130 Outbound prioritizes cargo space over passenger space, the trade-off doesn't affect handling. The steering feels responsive and precise, even at lower speeds where maneuverability is key. This comes in handy when navigating tight trails or tackling technical sections.


I think the 2024 Defender 130 Outbound isn't for everyone. It's a niche powerful vehicle for those who prioritize conquering trails over conquering traffic jams. But for those who find freedom written in dirt and their solace in the symphony of a roaring engine, the 130 Outbound is more than just a car. It's a passport to nature exploration. So, if the call of the wild resonates with you, and the grocery run can wait, then the Defender 130 Outbound might just be your perfect adventure partner.

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