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Second-Hand Lucid Air Dream Editions Are Appearing For Sale On eBay Motors

It was only a matter of time until people started flipping their Lucid Air Dream Editions, and that time is upon us. Dream Editions are appearing for sale online with sellers touting the exclusivity of the limited 520 car run. Some were bought to resell immediately, while others are being driven and enjoyed until a new owner comes along.


Well, that didn't take long. Lucid's first Air Dream Edition customer deliveries kicked off on October 30th 2021 with the inaugural Lucid Rally and now the 1111 horsepower luxury EVs are starting to pop up for sale online. There are four Dream Editions currently available to purchase on eBay Motors. The cheapest is offered for $35k over MSRP, while the most expensive adds a $70,000 premium to the DE's $169,000 manufacturer price. They all have low mileage, but some more than others.


Image showing a Lucid Air for sale at eBay Motors for $206,000.

This one comes with the Dream Edition-exclusive Eureka Gold paint and 21-inch Aero wheels. It's the Performance model, so range is "only" 471 miles rather than the Range edition's headline 520 miles, and it's fitted with the Santa Monica interior. The ad doesn't mention whether the Air is being stored or driven until it makes its way to its next owner, but it's located in Oregon.


Image showing a Lucid Air for sale at eBay Motors for $210,000.

This one's for sale in Orlando and has approximately 700 miles on the clock. Unique among this earliest selection of second-hand Dream Editions, the seller says that they're currently driving the car, and that mileage will increase the longer the ad is up. It's car #111 off the production line, with Eureka Gold paint and the 21-inch Aero wheels which are exclusive to the Dream Edition. The current owner says that they're "thoroughly enjoying it and not looking for a quick/desperate sale," and highlights the Air's rapid charging speed in their ad.


Image showing a Lucid Air for sale at eBay Motors for $225,000.

This Air Dream Edition is #34 off the production line and is located in Oklahoma. Like the previous cars, it comes in Eureka Gold with the 21-inch Aero wheels. It also has the Santa Monica interior package, and has just been treated to a clear bra, window tinting, and ceramic paint protection coating. Like the other cars on this list it's a Performance edition with 471 miles of range.


Image showing a Lucid Air for sale at eBay Motors for $239,000.

Yours for MSRP plus $70,000, Dream Edition #240 is unique as the only car here presented with Stellar White paint. Like the others, it's a Performance edition with the 21-inch wheels but unlike the others it has very low miles (just 17), if in fact it's been driven at all since delivery. This seller's really on their game, touting the fact that the Dream Edition has been sold out for months and your only hope of getting one at this point is the second hand market. It's got the Santa Monica interior and the ad was posted the same day that it was delivered to its current caretaker. Intended to be flipped for maximum profit from the get-go, it has all the carpet, seat, and screen covers used during shipping still in place. A Stellar White Dream Edition recently popped up at Ford's Dearborn, Michigan facility, and this could be that car.

Images by Lucid Motors and eBay Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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