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Stellar White Lucid Air Dream Edition Spotted At Ford Facility In Dearborn, Michigan

Ford appears to be in possession of one of the 520 Lucid Air Dream Editions. Where did the car in question come from, and what does Ford intend to use it for? Read on for more.

A Stellar White Lucid Air has been spotted parked beside a Mustang Mach-E SUV at one of Ford's facilities in Dearborn, Michigan. InsideEVs recently published spy shots of the Air in question sitting in a parking lot with people who are presumably Ford employees standing around examining it. With the Mach-E already well into production it's unlikely that anything gleaned from the Air will be implemented on Ford's debut electric SUV, but a future long-range luxury sedan is still very much on the table.

Is This An eBay Car?
A couple of weeks ago I reported on numerous Lucid Air Dream Editions popping up for sale, often with a large mark-up, on eBay Motors. It's highly possible that the award-winning Air photographed on Ford's property is one of these cars, as at least one of them sported Lucid's Stellar White paint. Ford would likely have to go through a third party to get its hands on a Dream Edition, as it's very unlikely that Lucid would give up one of the coveted build slots in the DE's 520-car production run to another manufacturer. We'll find out how many Air Dream Editions were delivered to customers during Lucid's Q4 earnings call on February 28th, 2022.

Automakers sometimes stipulate that customers can't immediately flip exclusive cars for profit as a condition of a purchase agreement, but these promises aren't always honored, as Ford itself discovered when John Cena sold his 2017 Ford GT a mere 30 days after taking delivery despite an agreement which said he would wait two years before putting the supercar on the market.

Screenshot of the Lucid Air Dream Edition with Stellar White paint for sale at eBay Motors with a $239,000 asking price.

The only difference between the Stellar White eBay car and the one in Dearborn is the size of its wheels. At auction the Air was wearing the DE-exclusive 21-inch Aero wheels, while the one captured in the spy shots has the 19-inch ones equipped. It's these wheels that give the Air its record-breaking range numbers, and were installed on the Air used for InsideEVs' recent 500-mile real-world range test.

A Lucid Competitor From Ford?
With Ford (and every other automaker) pushing towards the electrification of their product ranges, it's not outside the realms of possibility that the Lucid is in Dearborn to serve as a performance and range benchmark for future products from the Blue Oval. Maybe the Air competitor wouldn't wear a Ford badge, but be launched as a Lincoln with a focus on speed, range, and luxury. After all, 520 miles is an enormous milestone today, but we'll likely see those numbers from EVs much further down the food chain as technology advances and comes down in price.

Cover image by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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