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2018 Honda Accord 'Bests' Sedan Segment in Comfort and Turbo Performance

Last week I got behind the wheel of Honda’s latest and greatest Accord advent, and drove it to triple digits. Epic! That’s an understatement. 2018 Honda Accord "bests" the midsize near-premium sedan segment in comfort and turbo performance, and much more. This is the best Accord ever produced.

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By the time you read this, several if not dozens of my fellow automotive journalist will post initial drive impression reviews on Honda’s latest and greatest Accord offering. Consumers, more specifically the Honda loyal, can’t get enough of the redesigned and engineered from the tire tread up 2018 Honda Accord -- it’s visually captivating, dynamic looking, and well balanced of design. I’ve called it the “art of the automotive line,” and that it is.

Last week, 2018 Honda Accord Sport was Honda-Torque News’s hottest topic, with more readers dropping in over 3 days, then we entertain on some months, the buzz is measurable. YouTube, yes, same story. So let’s get down to it: Does 2018 Honda Accord drive as well as it looks? Is the 10th generation Accord comfortable, powerful? How’s the fuel economy, what does it cost? I’ll leave the EPA MPG, and MSRP up to Honda News. As to the initial drive impressions, let’s get to it!

2018 Honda Accord bests the segment in standard features and turbocharged engine performance

The redesigned Honda Accord effectively redefines what is the mainstream midsize family sedan segment. Like Toyota, with the redesigned uptick 2018 Camry, Honda Accord comes out swinging with not only a very dynamic visually appealing design, but the horsepower and torque to back the statement while driving 2018 Honda Accord to performance levels once reserved for premium cars costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

Beginning in late October 2017, and ending with the delivery of 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid early next year, the most comfortable, and tech-rich Accord in Honda history will roll off the dealership lot claiming not only segment topping fuel efficiency, but the greatest horsepower and torque available in the midsize car segment throughout all trim levels -- thanks to the lineup of 1.5 L, 2.0 L, turbocharged Earth Dreams ™ 4 cylinder gasoline engines; the first 10 speed automatic transmission found in a FWD (front-wheel-drive) car, and Honda’s award winning Honda Sensing ™, standard across the lineup.

2018 Honda Accord: Greater horsepower and torque, a quieter interior, a much improved ride dynamic, and a “green” alternative

I can’t say enough good things about 2018 Honda Accord’s new found power and interior comfort. Frankly, it’s a bit of a mind blower. New for 2018 at the sport, touring level, is a 12-way power adjusted driver’s seat. It’s heated, cooled, and arguably the most comfortable car seat in Honda history. The 10th generation Accord rides massive on the interior, with sufficient leg, hip, shoulder, and headroom for those of us over 6 ft, 2 inches -- yet my petite co driver was equally at ease behind the wheel of Honda Accord with a seemingly unlimited seat to wheel position adjustability. Thanks to a slimmer A-pillar, and increased windshield rake, visibility to the road forward is exceptional, as is the much improved steering wheel feel, electric assist brakes, and available drive-mode variable active dampened suspension.2018_Honda_Accord_Grill

A no delay throttle response is assured through drive-by-wire connectivity, and a perfect pairing of transmission to engine, as the 2-year road tested Civic derived 1.5 Liter turbocharged engine takes the base model 2018 Honda Accord to the next level in fuel efficient performance. We discovered no shortcuts as to interior refinement, fit and finish, from the entry level LX CVT, to the top of the mark.

Touring 10 AT. 2018 Honda Accord looks exceptional, is exceptional. The redesigned floating touch screen monitor as first experienced in the all new Honda Odyssey, along with an expanded, driver select vehicle information monitor and heads up display, bring a near intuitive driver to car connectivity to Accord. Second row passengers will find first-class seating and legroom, thanks to a 2 inch longer wheelbase, making ingress and egress easy.

2018 Accord 2.0 L Turbocharged Engine is crazy responsive

Here’s the thing: I had to drop off my co-driver at curbside to truly experience the full engine performance potential of the reinvented turbocharged Accord Touring 10 AT. Our’s was fully loaded with navigation, and a much improved personal electronics connectivity -- but I was here to drive, and drive I did. So, transitioning down the long driveway of the Mount Washington Golf Club onto the main drag, I toggled 2018 Accords drive mode to “Sport.” This results in not only a much improved throttle response, but an apparent tightening of the shift pattern and stiffening of the steering wheel feel, or feed-back.

Thanks to a much improved 3-Mic active noise cancellation, improved structural rigidity, and road noise to cabin mitigation, 2018 Honda Accord is eerily quiet on the interior, thus reducing driver's fatigue.

Looking to my rear view for local speed enforcement, I found myself discovering triple digits from a rolling start within a 5-count. While not a Type-R, I was thrilled with the no delay throttle response, overall drive, and ride dynamic, experienced in 2018 Accord Touring. I’d road tested the 2.0 L 6-speed manual transmission on a drive loop earlier in the day -- as well as the 3rd generation Accord Hybrid. All exceptional, and as intended by Honda engineering and design, without question, an up-line, near premium car purchase value.

At the end of the day I was duly impressed by how far Honda has evolved 2018 Accord. After all, how does one improve on the best selling 4-door, 5-passenger sedan in North America? Turbocharge it, lower it, stretch it, make it quieter, make it safer, and hold the line on price increase. Honda did all of that and more.

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Elton (not verified)    October 4, 2017 - 10:37PM

Parks, please do a comparison of the 2018 Accord 2.0, and the 2018 Camry v6. I am in the market for one or the other.

Roger Maxwell    October 11, 2017 - 10:58AM

Parks, what did you think of the NVH characteristics of the Accord's four-cylinder engine (or engines if you drove the 1.5T as well)?. Do you think it will satisfy buyers who have historically purchased the V6 for its smoothness?

Parks McCants    October 11, 2017 - 9:23PM

In reply to by Roger Maxwell

Good question Roger: Honda does a great job of taming smaller displacement turbo charged engines. In the case of the reinvented Accord, I found both engines to be relatively civilized. There was little to no vibration noted at the stop light, or transitioning through the gears. In the case of the 2.0, 6-speed manual Accord Sport Touring, the 2.0 L 10 speed automatic is very impressive. I did not have the opportunity to drive the base-line 1.5 L. Although, Honda engineering assures me that it surpasses the current 4 cylinder Accord performance in torque and horsepower. we'll see. As to the V6. Yes, I'm one of those guys that loves the car, and have spent no less than 3,000 miles behind the wheel of the V6 Touring Coupe, with both manual and automatic transmissions. However, I believe that outside of a different exhaust note, concerns will melt with the new found torque, and sprint speed, exhibited by the 2.0 L turbocharged rendition. ( In sport mode, this car is stunning.) Where I see a bit of improvement needed is in suspension tuning. Accord rides a bit heavy at times. But then again, I'd just exited the high bolstered seat of Civic Type-R the week before. Apples to Oranges, still, a fantastic ride! At the end of the day, the highest quality, best overall performing Accord is the hybrid, hands down.

jay (not verified)    June 15, 2018 - 12:05PM

An Accord with comfortable seats ??? No way. Oh unless you want sport or touring which is like 4-5 K more then ex. If not you get the same crappy seats they have been putting out for years. better known as Honda back breakers.