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2018 Honda Accord's Bold Grill Design Hints to Innovation

At first look, I assumed that 2018 Honda Accord's bold black out grill was gunning for Toyota’s redesigned Camry. While that’s a given, Accord's elongated grill design serves a very specific purpose or two, key to improved fuel efficiency and performance.

2018 Honda Accord is not only the maker’s first turbocharged midsize sedan, it comes to market with a very unique body design language. Looking to Accord’s elongated hood design, one is reminded of the rear axle drive coupes and sedans of a bygone era. Honda cements Accord's unique body language with the hood statement, and a very recognizable headlight and taillight design statement -- you'll recognize 2018 Accord in the dark coming and going.

A very prominent 3-D chrome and black anodized grill carries Honda’s flying “H” to the next generation, with a mystery slat or two in the lower cowling. Great look!

Accord’s attitude is in your face; chunky, close to the road, and very capable. The new found design translates to a much improved drive and ride experience; thanks to a relatively new family of super low internal friction, direct injected, turbocharged, electric-wastegate equipped Earth Dream ™ 4 cylinder gasoline engines --.first employed by Honda in this best seller.

A very cool short tail overhang is coupe-like in design, yet Accord’s trunk is one of the largest in the midsize sedan segment, as is interior passenger volume, thanks to a longer wheelbase, wider track, and some very innovative interior architecture. Sitting in Accord’s 12 way power adjusted seat one does appreciate Honda’s up-trim approach to the best standard equipped Accord in the maker’s history.

2018 Accord’s improved aerodynamics and cabin noise reduction

Getting back to Accord’s elongated black-out grill design: For 2018, Honda engineers integrate track-tested, race proven speed activated closing grill flaps, and aero kit derivatives, installed on 2018 Honda Accord regardless or trim level, in the quest for improved aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Looking to the hood design, head and tail light integration, body molding, lower body cowling, wheel design, underbody wind deflection, and downdraft pan-placement, This Accord takes full advantage of wind power, as exhibited in Acura NSX. In speaking with Honda Engineering, Torque News learns that the turbocharged Accord, although more powerful than past generations, is anticipate to meet or exceed 2017 Accord’s present EPA MPG of 27 City/36 Highway *2.4 L 4 cylinder gas -- good news for future Honda Accord owners.


Col Rafiq (not verified)    September 30, 2017 - 10:01AM

Dear Sir / Madam
May I know the expected price of 2018 Honda Accord, please?

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