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2014 Honda Civic drives North America car sales to record highs

North America is buying the slightly redesigned 2014 Civic in record numbers. Torque News takes a look at the hows and whys of North America’s best selling compact.

As announced Monday by American Honda Motors, despite an industry-wide slump in new car sales for the shortest June in 5 years, Honda’s core models, Accord, Civic and CR-V continue to come off of the sales floor in record numbers.

For June, Accord sales are up 2.1% following a record for Q1 2014.

We’ve reported on North America’s best selling midsize sedan and coupe in great length and love the car for its tech-rich, value packed base model. We received an email this morning from an owner of a 2014 Accord Hybrid. He’s claiming real-world fuel efficiency approaching 55 mpg. Positive ratings from consumers will continue to drive record Accord sales to new record highs.

Back to the story: North America’s best selling small SUV also crossed the finish line into another record month with increased sales of 6.1%. Honda’s CR-V offers exceptional utility in a civilized, affordable urbane SUV. We like its 32 mpg highway fuel efficiency rating, ample usable horsepower, torque and off road tracking abilities.

Tough enough for the dirt, classy enough for a night on the town, the CR-V continues to draw new buyers while retaining the highest residual(resale) value of any SUV or crossover in the class.

What about the 2014 Civic? To be honest with you, we’re not taken by the nose design of the car. We find it to be color sensitive and unnecessarily aggressive. However(and you may quote me on this) in the right color the car catches the eye and the lines work. We like the handling characteristics of the Civic Si, appreciate the accommodations afforded both driver and passenger in the 4 door EX and EX-L. Sporting ample headroom, leg and shoulder room while carrying four adults and luggage, the Honda Civic offers a surprisingly refined and comfortable car for your dollar spent.

*Starting at $18390 plus applicable sales costs, the Ford LTD of this millenium has a cross-generational appeal. Honda’s been manufacturing Civic in North America since 1983; they’re as American as mom and apple pie. With the highest residual(resale) value of any used compact car in North America, Civic will put 50 to 60% of the original purchase cost back in your wallet after 5 years of ownership.

We’re not surprised that the 2014 Civic is selling so well: The new and improved Civic Offers greater horsepower, torque, improved seating and soft interior surfaces. With a best in class CVT transmission, electronically assisted ABS brakes and class leading fuel economy, Honda Civic will once again be North America’s best selling compact car for 2014.

To date American Honda Motors has sold 739,436 for the first half of 2014. As the uptrend continues, Civic records its best 6 month sales momentum in a decade with the Acura Division bringing up the rear with record light truck sales.

We truly appreciate and enjoy the 2014 MDX, so does North America. Year to date MDX SUV sales are up 68.4%. We’ll touch on Acura’s renaissance here.

* American Honda Motors. Inc.