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2015 Fit drives Civic Concert Tour as Team Honda heads for Pikes Peak

There’s a bit more to it than that as Torque News reviews June’s top stories. The big Honda keeps rolling with a couple of surprises.

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With great anticipation North America waited for the dealership release of a much touted 2015 Fit. We had the opportunity to test drive a variant or two of the totally redesigned Fit and walked away impressed. The most noticeable change witnessed by the crew was the exterior design tweak, fit and finish, new CVT and much usable torque found in the midrange.

The 2015 Fit Looks good and handles well. For the Auto-Techy, Honda has equipped this 5 door hatch with a very user friendly 7 inch touch screen dash monitor. In further news, Honda promises seamless Android connectivity in the not too distant future, as well as the capacity for your 2015 Honda to recognize Apple and Android OS simultaneously.(Whatever happened to just driving?)

Excuse me while I digress: Earlier in June Honda announced the expansion and 3D enhancement of the popular Civic Concert Tour. The powers to be in Torrance have opted to pull the trigger on several $ million Honda bucks and create Honda’s very own Youtube Music Channel. Once again the big “H” is showing appreciation for a younger buying demographic by sponsoring a concert series enjoyed to date by 3 million Honda loyal. We’ve covered the 2014 Civic in several articles over the year and look to 2014 as a banner year for Honda.

Speaking of Civic: The Golden State stepped up to the plate and extended an $1,000 (instant) buyer’s credit to those willing to purchase a 2014 CNG Civic in California. Along with the instant rebate will come access to L.A. and Sacramento’s Diamond commuter lanes (Sweet.)

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is staging a fuel renaissance as distributors and existing fuel stations in North America expand the facilitation of CNG fueling. Cheaper at the pump and lower in the generation of hydrocarbons, California looks to CNG as a financially feasible gasoline alternative on the road to near zero exhaust particulate emissions.

On the racing side: We find HPD and Honda R&D heading to the 2014 Broadmoor Pikes Peak IHC in force. It’s good to be the cosponsor of the event. Honda, while supporting multiple car and motorcycle entrants has also increased the safety of the event by placing Air Fencing at strategic corners along the uphill. Also: Generators, quads and support vehicles will be provided by Honda for the 2014 event.

We look for our friend Romain Dumas to do well in the unlimited division. We also look for the vintage NSX and Honda Fit EV to make a good show of it. Torque News will provide a Pikes Peak IHC race update Monday.

What about Acura? I don’t know Johnnie… We were notified by Acura that the 2015 ILX would be released to dealers back on June 19. So far in the Pacific Northwest, the smallest member of the Acura line-up has gone missing. Checking in with Paul at Kendall Auto Group, we’re told that the ILX debut has been delayed until August. With 22 articles penned in June, we’re sure we missed something in our review. No worries, you can always find the latest in Honda News here.

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