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Ford Announces Partnership With Qmerit To Improve At Home EV Charging Services

Ford is rapidly building up allies in its quest to dominate the EV marketplace. Their latest team-up with Qmerit aims to rapidly improve the quality and availability of home EV charging services for Ford EV models like the Mach-E and F-150 Lightning

Ford is making massive strides in its attempts to dominate the EV market. That includes building up an impressive resume of partnerships that aim to help enhance what the company can provide to a growing number of EV customers. That includes the company's latest collaboration with Qmerit, which will improve the way Mustang Mach-E owners can charge their vehicles at home.

Mustang Mach-E Owners Have More Options For Charging

As mentioned, this latest partnership will initially benefit only Mustang Mach-E owners, but it does have the potential to expand to other Ford EV models, including the F-150 Lightning pickup. Mach-E owners will now be able to use Qmerit to help take full advantage of [email protected] services which will not only install charging stations at a home or multi-family dwelling but also support those stations too.

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"Ford is striving to make the transition to an all-electric lifestyle easy for our customers," revealed Matt Stover, director of charging, energy services, and business development for Ford. "With up to 80 percent of charging currently being done at home, a seamless installation process for all Mustang Mach-E at home charging needs is critical."

Partnership Will Boost Blue Oval Charge Network

Ford has been investing heavily in its Blue Oval Charge Network plan and wants customers to take full advantage of some of the seamless mobility-focused solutions that the charging network provides. While Ford will be covering things once the chargers are installed, Qmerit will perform the bulk of the leg work as far as installation is concerned with the firm boasting the largest network of certified EV charging station installers in the country, with Qmerit serving as the middle man between customers and charging station installers that fit not only their needs but also configurations and geography.

Qmerit has performed over 10,000 charging station installations nationwide, with this stellar track record allowing Qmerit to be a Ford Preferred Partner for these setups. The installation process is also very seamless, with Mach-E buyers having the ability to add a Ford Charging Station to their order with the option of either gradually paying the cost alongside the vehicle or buying it outright from the dealership. Afterward, these customers can then visit Qmerit to find a certified installer with the company offering the service to those that want to install the 240-volt charging station into their home or dwelling.

“Qmerit is honored to support this historic and groundbreaking American institution in the electrification of some of the most iconic cars and trucks ever,” revealed Tracy K. Price, CEO, and Founder of Qmerit. "Coupling at-home charging with Henry Ford's foundational mass-market vehicle production vision make it all the more meaningful in driving mainstream adoption of EVs."

Both Ford and Qmerit revealed that this partnership would be an essential step in making home-based EV charging an industry-standard versus a mere optional outlier for EV buyers. Making EV home charging an industry-standard would help rapidly accelerate the adoption of EVs and eliminate some of the practical constraints currently preventing more households from embracing an EV lifestyle. It will also be a welcome prelude to the 2022 Mustang Mach-E which is slated to receive better battery range as part of its updates.

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