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Tesla's Secret Weapons That Give it a Competitive Advantage

Tesla is producing cars, energy products, and is planning on having robotaxis. But there is something besides all those things that gives Tesla a unique competitive advantage. Let's see what it is!


Since Tesla has doubled down on vision and removed radar from its cars now, you might be surprised to know that now that Tesla is using pure vision, it can provide with great accuracy numerous features and safety that give it a competitive advantage.

Unintended Acceleration is Prevented

There was an interview between Dave Lee and James Douna, two prominent Tesla investors, talking about unintended acceleration. In fact, several years ago, Emmett Peppers mom floored the accelerator of a Model X performance version through the wall in the garage of their house.

Tesla vision can solve this along with the algorithm and neural net that understand the world and environment around it. With a safety feature to avoid unintended acceleration, also known as pedal misapplication, you can avoid instances where simple mistakes like flooring the accelerator with a wall or a river or people in front of the car could cause major damage, injuries, or loss of life.

You Don't Need to Buy Full Self-Driving to Benefit from Safety Features

One of the cool things that Dave and Jouma talked about was that you get the safety features mentioned without even having full self-driving (which currently costs $10,000 to have for your car). Tesla's are built and shipped with everything needed for full self-driving and auto pilot, as well as many different safety features, and therefore, someone can upgrade their car as they see fit and get additional benefits. Very smart move by Tesla.

Tesla's Safety Features and Car Improves with Software Updates

Because a Tesla is shipped with full self-driving, auto pilot, and all the vision equipment needed for those and its safety features, they can improve these features with AI and updating their neural net. A Tesla is like a computer on wheels that has its operating system constantly being updated. It is this ability to self update for a wide range of things that will cause Tesla to survive and thrive and most legacy auto makers to go out of business or merge with other companies.

Tesla Is Only Limited By Its Imagination

With software running each Tesla vehicle and a fleet of robotaxis coming that are gathering data, who knows what imaginative things Tesla and its engineers will come up with in the future. Some ideas I've thought of that Tesla may do with its software include:

  • Voice activation and commands
  • Customization of a personality for your car
  • A computer like Apple's Siri that will answer questions and drive you around
  • A responsive car that gives you insight into what's going on around it

Voice activation and commands is like using voice commands for your phone, but with your car. For instance, you could say to your Tesla, "Drive me to work" and it will. Even better if the car knows what day it is and time of day and just knows to take you to work. It might say, "Shall I take you to work?"

Customization of a personality for your car will come as AI starts to evolve and become more human-like. You could have a car with a soothing voice and kind personality, or someone could have their car be more like an aggressive personality telling the driver what to do. The possibilities are endless.

A computer like Apple's Siri is simply a way to use your car like a phone instead of having to connect your phone to your car. A Tesla can take all your phone contacts and upload all its data to the car and this may eliminate the need to take your phone with you in your car.

A responsive car that gives you insight means the Tesla vehicle can use software to navigate the area you are in and give you facts and details you may not know. It could also tell you about the driving habits of those cars around you and point out an aggressive driver to steer clear from ahead of time before you even see it!

A Tesla Vehicle Is An Attentive Driver 24-7 and is Getting Smarter

Many accidents are attributed to driver error, distraction, or some issue in the environment, like debris, that causes the accident. With the car being an attentive driver, it will take less of the burden of driving off of us humans and let us do other more fun and productive things.

Think of a Tesla like a car with a protective bubble around it and it's constantly watching with 8 cameras and enhanced vision and AI for anything that could cause a problem and reacting to it. This will happen when full self-driving is level 5. Pretty amazing and impressive.

Tesla vision and its plan for robotaxis creates a lot of extra benefits that give it a unique and competitive advantage with additional safety features for the car when there is a human driver. It's almost like Tesla vehicles are an evolving species that you can drive in, watch movies or play games in, and they are cars that APPRECIATE in value. Tesla should advertise these "hidden" features. Amazing.

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Jeremy Johnson is a Tesla investor and supporter. He first invested in Tesla in 2017 after years of following Elon Musk and admiring his work ethic and intelligence. Since then, he's become a Tesla bull, covering anything about Tesla he can find, while also dabbling in other electric vehicle companies. Jeremy covers Tesla developments at Torque News. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay in touch and follow his Tesla news coverage on Torque News.


Al D (not verified)    June 30, 2021 - 6:46AM

Jerome Johnson is quite a dreamer. Level 5 with just cameras? No lidar, radar, or mapping? This I've got to see. Meanwhile, compact lidar systems with Level 3 capability will soon be available for under $1,000. Lidar has come a long way in 5 years while Tesla autopilot appears to have gone nowhere.

Tesla vehicles will appreciate in value? That's another pipe dream. They're way overpriced right now. If Musk's goal is to lower the cost of batteries, that will hasten the depreciation of current Tesla EV's. You're got to be ill-informed to buy an 8-year-old Tesla with a battery full of growing dendrites.