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Ford F-150 Lightning Problem Some Owners Don’t Realize Until It’s Too Late

The Ford F-150 Lightning is an extremely popular electric truck. However, some owners buy one before finding out there is a problem when it comes to using one like they did with their previous gas or diesel truck.


Ford F-150 Lightning Problem Spotlighted

There’s a reason why many people buy a truck---it’s either to haul something in the bed or pull something behind it like a loaded trailer or camper. There’s also the cool factor, but that is beside the point in today’s warning of what problem some owners face with the Ford F-150 lightning EV.

That warning was recently posted in a Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel video where Scotty makes a case against buying the Ford F-150 Lightning if you intend to use your truck for either one of the aforementioned reasons why most of us buy a truck in the first place.

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According to Scotty, the problem some owners do not discover until it is too late is that the F-150 Lightning loses about half of its range when pulling a trailer. The trailer he refers to as an example is a moderate 6,000-pound Airstream that one owner discovered (although well within the towing specs of the Ford truck) turned his new EV truck into a charge guzzler in practice while on the road.

True, this is not any different with ICE trucks running off of gasoline---we’ve all seen our miles per gallon take a steep dive even when pulling a 12 foot by 8-foot trailer with a relatively light load such as when moving or during a camping trip.

However, the big difference is that it is much easier to refuel a gasoline powered truck while on the road than it is to find an EV charger out in the middle of nowhere---at least for now.

Furthermore, the time lost recharging can be very annoying when it’s hot and you want to make it to your destination, which is the case why businesses have not jumped on the EV bandwagon---it’s just not cost effective.

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To hear Scotty Kilmer’s take on the Ford F-150 Lightning problem, here is the video posted below. Please note only the first 2 minutes and 6 seconds are about the F-150 Lightning problem.

The New Ford F-150 Lightning Already Has a Serious Problem

And finally…

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