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Full Reveal Of Cyberlandr Prototype Is Exciting But This Camper Is Still In A Minor Pickle

Cyberlandr has built a unique prototype of a camper that could fit on the back of the Cybertruck. The Cyberlandr has been in the news previously, but a new prototype gives prospective buyers a better idea of what to expect.

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A short video was released that markets the Cyberlandr as being a breakthrough invention. There are many campers that have features that are similar to the Cyberlandr. However, it is the unique foldable design that sets the Cyberlandr apart. Many campers that fit in the bed of a pickup can feel small and uncomfortable. The Cyberlandr is designed in a way that is efficient and allows occupants to have some space to move around a bit. The best way to put it is that the Cyberlandr is basically a luxurious tiny house that can fit into a pickup bed.

Some Analysis of the prototype

The prototype is shown in a picture sitting on the back of a Cybertruck parked in the desert. This appears to be a well-built prototype that may have exceeded many people’s expectations. One important thing to note is that the Cyberlandr folds into the bed of the Cybertruck when not in use. There are steps into the bed and then there is what appears to be a sliding door that allows for easy entry into the Cyberlandr. The roof is also slanted for easy storage and good aerodynamics. Hopefully there will be some good blinds that come the Cyberlandr because the windows are large and will likely let a lot of sun in.

The bottom line is that the Cyberlandr is a very comfortable travel home. The Cyberlandr is said to be able to sleep two adults and two children. This means that two or possibly three adults could sleep comfortably.

Some more analysis on the Cyberlandr can be found in this video which gets into the nuts and bolts that went into its creation.

The Cyberlandr is in a pickle

There is one major issue with the Cyberlandr. The issue is that the Cybertruck hasn’t even been produced yet. This angle has been covered before, but it is more important now that this new prototype is out. The Cybertruck has been delayed until sometime deep into 2022. The Cyberlandr could have been made with the wrong dimensions. The delay in the production of the Cybertruck could give the folks making the Cyberlandr enough time to go back to the drawing board. The problem with that is going back to the drawing board with a complex product like the Cyberlandr is easier said than done. Tesla and Cyberlandr have been communicating so that way nobody gets left in the dark.

Image: Tesla

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