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Tesla Has Stopped Taking New Orders For The Model 3 Long Range

In an update to the company's online configurator, Tesla has stopped taking new orders for the Model 3 Long Range. Now if you go to Tesla's website to order this Model 3 variant, it simply reads "available in 2023."


In the past 2 years, Tesla has instituted several price hikes on the company’s vehicle lineup. These price hikes added together amount to as much as a 50% increase for some Tesla variants like the Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Model S.

However, the price hikes are not limited to the EV maker’s luxury sedan. Tesla’s other vehicles, like the Model 3, Y, and X have also seen price hikes ranging between 30 to 40 percent.

Given all the price increases one would assume that it will dissuade potential customers from ordering a new Tesla. However, on the contrary, every time Tesla increases the price of the company’s vehicles, there is a flood of new orders.

This is counterintuitive, however, most likely what is happening here is that individuals on the fence about ordering a Tesla, when they see a price increase become afraid of more price increases and decide to pull the trigger and order a vehicle.

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This phenomenon has pushed delivery dates for some Tesla vehicles, like the Model 3 Long Range, Model Y Long Range, Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Model S, and Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Model X well out into 2023.

Given the long wait times for some Tesla variants, CEO Elon Musk had said in the past that the EV maker might stop taking new orders for some vehicle variants.

And today, in an update to the company’s online configurator, Tesla has stopped taking new orders for the Model 3 Long Range. Now, if you go to Tesla’s website to order a Model 3 Long Range, the site simply reads coming in 2023.

Having said that, as of now, this change only affects potential Model 3 Long Range customers in the US and Canada. Tesla customers in Europe and China, which get their Model 3s from Tesla’s Shanghai factory can still order the Model 3 Long Range.

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One possible explanation for the geographical disparity in ordering the Model 3 Long Range could also have to do with the new EV tax rebate passed in the US. The new tax credit stipulates for a sedan to qualify for the credit it should have a starting price below $55,000.

However, the Model 3 Long Range begins slightly above that cut point having a starting price of $57,999. And Tesla might be looking to make changes to this Model 3 variant in order to cut its price and allow the vehicle to qualify for the $7,500 rebate.

As of now, Tesla hasn’t given us any information regarding the change and when exactly in 2023 the EV maker plans to resume taking orders for the Model 3 Long Range. However, we will be sure to keep you posted once we learn more about Tesla’s plans.

Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc

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