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Elon Musk Officially Monitizes His Twitter Page, $4.20/Month For Subscribers-Only Spaces & AMA Access

Over the weekend Elon Musk officially monetized his Twitter account and has become a creator. As a creator on Twitter, Musk is charging $4.20 a month to subscribe to his Twitter page. For subscribers, Musk has promised to do an Ask-Me-Anything occasionally and that he will hold a subscriber-only Twitter Spaces.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has officially monetized his Twitter page. This follows Twitter’s decision to allow users to charge for access to their content, “from long-form text to hours-long video.” Musk announcing the rollout of the monetization feature said that for the first 12 months, Twitter won’t keep any of the money users make from subscriptions. That means users will keep about 70% of their subscription revenue on mobile, after accounting for the fees Apple and Google take on their app stores.

Musk has identified creator monetization as a key element in his revamp of the platform, with the view being that by providing more ways for creators to monetize their content, Twitter will be able to lure higher quality content which should in turn increase engagement and ergo make Twitter more profitable.

There are two elements to Elon Musk’s plan to allow creators to earn money through Twitter. The first is Twitter is looking to share ad revenue with creators. The second way is with the re-launch of its creator subscription program, previously known as “Super Follow” which will provide a means for users to monetize their tweets, and build a business in the app.

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Similar to Super Follows, the new “Subscribe” program will enable Twitter users to charge subscribers for exclusive tweets, subscriber-only Spaces, special badges on their tweets to display their affiliation, and a Subscriber-only tweets tab on creator profiles. Creators will have the option to charge various amounts per month for access to their exclusive content, with all of the revenue being passed on to creators for the first year.

Twitter has also recently announced that it will allow its paid subscribers to tweet 10,000 characters. This move is part of Musk's plan to make Twitter the “Everything App” similar to WeChat in China. Musk's ultimate plan is to make Twitter the digital town hall, where people can discuss and debate important issues. He believes that Twitter can be a platform for people to come together and solve problems.

In line with his ultimate plan for Twitter, Musk recently made Twitter a subsidiary of X Corp which is the umbrella company he’s building for all his companies.

And in a move that is directed at having first-hand experience of all the changes coming to Twitter or maybe in an attempt to get a piece of all the revenue that is being shared with creators, over the weekend, Elon Musk has decided to officially become a Twitter creator and monetize his page.

As a creator on Twitter, Musk is charging $4.20 a month to subscribe to his Twitter page. For subscribers, Musk has promised to do an Ask-Me-Anything occasionally and that he will hold a subscriber-only Twitter Spaces.

Not that he particularly needs the money, Musk with this move could nonetheless position himself to be the highest-paid independent creator in the world. Musk currently has 135 million followers and of his vast follower base if only 1% decided to subscribe that is 1.35 million subscribers.

At $4.20 a month, 1.35 million subscribers will pay Musk $5.7 million a month or close to $70 million a year. And that is before Musk receives a share of the ad revenue which is shown next to his tweets.

This is all interesting, Musk has already held his first subscriber-only Twitter Spaces to discuss the maiden flight of SpcaeX’s Starship rocket. Going forward, it’s our expectation Musk will use the subscriber function to share more details about Tesla. And we will be sure to keep you posted if Musk decided to share any valuable information through this medium.

Until then make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to see that Elon Musk is now officially a Twitter creator? Do you think at $4.20 a month it is worth subscribing to his page? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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