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Elon Musk Is Considering Starting A Podcast To Recount The Early History Of Tesla

On multiple occasions, Elon Musk has criticized the way Tesla's early story is told by the EV maker's previous CEO, Martin Eberhard. And now, looking to take the narrative into his own hands, Musk says he's considering doing a podcast that recounts the early days of Tesla.

In the past few years, Tesla has ascended from a fledgling startup on the brink of bankruptcy to one of the most successful companies in the world. Tesla is currently, by market cap, bigger than all passenger vehicle manufacturers in the US, Europe, and China combined.

However, it wasn’t always like this. In the early days of the EV maker, Tesla was days away from running out of money and closing its doors. Elon Musk at the time had to sell all his assets to raise $50 million to save the EV maker from bankruptcy.

One bold sign showing how far Musk and Tesla have come is currently, Elon Musk is in the process of raising $25 billion to pay taxes and he is doing it without even breaking a sweat.

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Going back to Tesla’s rough patch, at the time Musk had most of his attention on his rocket startup SpaceX and Tesla was run by founder Martin Eberhard. However, after going all-in on Tesla, Musk forced out Eberhard and took over the CEO position.

Eberhard when telling Tesla’s story paints a picture of how he was unfairly pushed out of the company he founded. Eberhard also emphasizes how he and his friend Marc Tarpenning came up with the idea of Tesla and Musk joined later on as an investor.

Musk, however, is not a big fan of this narrative. According to Elon, when he found out about Tesla, he was already in the process of looking to start an EV startup. And emphasizes he joined Tesla when the company was nothing more than an idea.

In addition, Musk takes particular issue with the characterization that he unfairly pushed out Eberhard. According to Musk, Eberhard was fired from Tesla due to his own failures and deception.

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Musk has mentioned his account of what went down in the early days of Tesla several times in the past. However, today, Musk chose to once again revisit the story but this time with a plan to tell Tesla’s early history in a more comprehensive manner.

In response to a Twitter user @SamTwits who wrote about how Musk’s initial $6.5 million dollar investment in Tesla “gave hope to a dream” of building a car manufacturer that is also a technology company, Musk responded by pointing out how the “founding story of Tesla as portrayed by Eberhard is patently false.”

Musk went on saying he wishes he had never met Eberhard and continued writing “Eberhard is by far the worst person I’ve ever worked with in my entire career. Given how many people I’ve worked with over the years, that’s really saying something”

Continuing Musk said, “He [Eberhard] came close to killing Tesla through a combination of bad management decisions, driving out talented people, bad engineering, major blunders in supply chain & an elaborate deception about the true cost & schedule of the Tesla Roadster.”

However, Musk doesn’t seem content having said his peace. Musk continued writing that he is thinking of doing a podcast that tells what really happened at Tesla in EV maker’s early days. Musk added saying he would like the podcast to be in the style of his favorite podcast Harcore History by Dan Carlin.

As of now, we don’t know when Musk plans to release the podcast or what kind of format it will take. We will be sure to keep you posted once we get more information about the podcast. Make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Will you be excited to listen to a podcast recounting the early days of Tesla? Also, do you have any ideas on how the podcast should be for you to be interested? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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