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Why Doesn’t Nissan Offer New NISMO 370Z In Chicane Yellow?

Nissan announced a new 2018 370Z Coupe Heritage Edition in Chicane Yellow. Why doesn’t Nissan offer the NISMO 370Z with the popular color?


Nissan will offer a new 2018 370Z Coupe Heritage Edition and it comes in two popular exterior colors. The new 370Z will comes in Chicane Yellow and Magnetic Black for performance fans. The Chicane Yellow Heritage Edition features black outside mirrors, gloss-black graphics and yellow interior trim. The Magnetic Black Heritage Edition includes gloss-silver graphics and yellow interior trim.

Why doesn’t Nissan offer the new 2018 NISNO 370Z In Chicane Yellow? The NISMO 370Z only comes in Brilliant Silver, Solid Red, Magnetic Black and Pearl White (for an extra cost). It would likely be the most popular color if Nissan offered the Chicane Yellow exterior. How do we know?

According to Torque News reporter John Goreham, his report says yellow and orange have overtaken black, white, and gray as the top color preferences for cars according to a new study by There are also very strong gender differences when it comes to color choices. Goreham says, “Men want to flaunt their plumage.”

Since a majority of men will purchase the NISMO 370Z performance coupe, it would make sense for Nissan to offer the most popular colors on their high-performance models. We recently attended the all-new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek press launch and found that Orange has been the most popular color for the all-wheel-drive crossover, even beating black. Subaru discontinued the color, but received so many requests, they brought it back.

You would think that Nissan would have figured this out, since they are now the largest automaker on the planet. They offer it on the new 2018 370Z Coupe Heritage Edition, but not their flagship NISMO 370Z.

Reader Poll: Would you buy a Chicane Yellow 2018 Nissan NISMO 370Z over the other colors if it were offered?

Photo credit: Nissan