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When It Comes To Cars, Yellow Is the New Black

Bright colors are suddenly more popular car color choices.

Yellow and orange have overtaken black, white, and gray as the top color preferences for cars according to a new study by There are also very strong gender differences when it comes to ar color choices. In a nutshell, men want to flaunt their plumage.

The study confirms something that Torque News recently learned at a Subaru Crosstrek media launch for the all-new 2018 Crosstrek. Orange has been the most popular color for that model, even beating black. Subaru has now been using the color on special edition WRX and Forester cars.

The study by looked at over 700,000 consumer inquiries on its site, as well as over 30 million car purchase transactions. It found that while men are going for yellow and orange, women now lean towards teal (pale green). However, men have the strongest color preferences with two-thirds of men wanting yellow and orange.

Subaru is not the only car company that has discovered the new formula. Dodge painted its muscle cars Go Mango orange in 2016. Trucks are also now coming in yellow as the new Ram 1500 exemplifies.

See the full study by here.