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Video: Subaru BRZ GT300 stalls in the pits at Autopolis after running third

The Subaru BRZ GT300 qualified fourth fastest at round seven at Autopolis but cannot finish the race. What was the problem?


The day was cloudy and cool for round seven of the SUPER GT race at Autopolis and the Subaru BRZ GT300 was ready to challenge for a podium finish. The Subaru BRZ had a good qualifying day on Saturday and started round seven at Autopolis in fourth position. It looked like a promising day for the Subaru team but it was not going to turn out good.

The Subaru BRZ driven by Iguchi was able to work its way up to third place in the race and was running fast for the first 50 miles. All things appeared to be working in the teams favor before they made a driver change and scheduled pit stop. The team heard the news of the coming rainfall that would hit the track and hurriedly prepared to change to rain tires.

The R&D Sport team made a decision to keep the slick tires and would send driver Yamauchi back out on the track with a fresh set of tires. After finishing the routine refueling and tire change, the Subaru BRZ pulled out onto pit row and immediately had trouble with the drivetrain. The team pushed the BRZ GT300 back to the garage and determined the car was done for the day. It was not determined at press time what the exact trouble was.

It was a disappointment for the whole team after they worked so hard, qualified fourth fastest and the Subaru BRZ GT300 was running fast in third place during the race. STI team manager Eiji Tatsumi was not happy with the results and is determined to finish the last race on a high. Round eight and the final race will be held in two weeks at Twin Ring Motegi November 14-15. Stay tuned.

Media source: Subaru Global Motorsport