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A New Subaru Solterra Reservation System Goes Live Soon - What You Need To Know

Subaru will open up its online orders for the 2023 Solterra EV next week. Check out the updated details here.


How can you order a new 2023 Subaru Solterra? According to a new report from Planet Subaru, Subaru of America will open an online reservation system for customers who can put down a $250 refundable deposit and make a reservation for the all-new Solterra all-electric SUV.

The new Solterra ordering system will open at noon EST on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. The system will be open through February 28th. There will only be approximately 6,000 reservations available, so customers need to act quickly. Subaru of America will publish a URL for the reservation site and will let customers know when it’s available.

2023 Subaru Solterra all-electric compact SUV features, specs, pricing

Planet Subaru says Subaru Corporation will likely produce fewer than 10,000 2023 Solterra EVs, and only one or two per month for each of Subaru's 634 retailers nationwide, for the entire calendar year 2022. The Solterra is expected to arrive in June or July 2022 for U.S. customers.

With the limited number of Solterra models produced for Subaru of America's customers, demand will quickly outstrip supply for the automaker's first-ever all-electric SUV. Subaru should ramp up production of the 2024 Solterra EVs in 2023, so customers may have to wait if they don’t get one of the first 6,000 models.

2023 Subaru Solterra all-electric compact SUV features, specs, pricing

Is the $250 deposit refundable?

The report says Subaru of America will hold all deposits in a secure non-interest-bearing account. Deposits can be applied to the final sold order for a 2023 Solterra by the selected retailer. If your retailer is unable to contact you in June 2022, your reservation will be automatically canceled, and the $250 deposit will be refunded.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, completing the reservation process does not constitute a vehicle purchase or lease and does not guarantee that your desired Solterra trim and color will be available. Subaru says they will make every effort to fulfill all reservation orders with the exact vehicle ordered, but final orders, pricing, availability, and financing will be agreed upon with your Subaru retailer beginning after Solterra pricing is announced.

When will Solterra pricing be announced?

Subaru should release pricing information soon, and the new EV should be priced around $40,000 for the base trim and could approach $50,000 for the fully-loaded Touring trim level. The Solterra will come in three trim levels for U.S. customers. Check out our complete model and trim guide here.

Stay tuned to Torque News for an update and pricing when Subaru of America announces the website URL for the 2023 Subaru Solterra EV reservation system.

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jg (not verified)    February 4, 2022 - 11:34AM

I can't believe how nobody has commented on the relationship of the VIZIV Adrenaline Concept to the Solterra. I think it is HILARIOUS that Subaru hid the front end of the Solterra for so long and then had it in plain sight on the back end of the VIZIV Adrenaline Concept all this time (as well as the hideous Honda Element fenders and general style of the complete Solterra body). Here's a good "head-on" view of the tail end (if the link shows up): https ://