Rent a Tesla Model X for $10 a day
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Would you rent a Tesla Model X for $10 a day?

You may soon have that option if a new green car rental company has its way.

Would you pay $10 per day to drive a Tesla Model X during a weekday? Green Commuter is betting you will. The company, which aims to be a shared-use green car provider, has started an IndieGoGo campaign aimed at putting green commuters into the seat of a Tesla Model X.

It’s good to know that someone actually has a Tesla Model to rent, or to drive for any reason. At last check, less than 8,000 of the six-figure minivan/crossover EVs had been produced. A tiny fraction of those reserved by Tesla fans years in advance.

The $10 per day deal is part of the IndieGoGo promotion. Green Commuter has other plans available as well, though those don’t have the same amazing sounding deals. The company had offered some $100 per weekend deals, which is a good deal for any premium rental, never mind a super-rare EV with incredible performance. However, those are all gone (shocker). Green Commuter says it does still have some “Remaining weekend packages offered at $150 and $200 with 3 and 5 weekend packages offered at $525 and $750 respectively, until quantities last.”

Green Commuter CEO Gustavo Occhiuzzo explained the new program, saying, "Every perk offers a killer deal for our signature car sharing service, which utilizes the Tesla Model X. If you want to support a business that reduces traffic, greenhouse gas emissions and commuting costs in the most stylish of ways, opt for the modestly priced donation perk off $25 and help us reach a city near you."

The business background of this writer says that the numbers don’t add up to financial sensibility for this rental car program, but when has anything Tesla ever made sense from an accounting point of view? Join the program and prove all the naysayers wrong. You can visit Green Commuter here.

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