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Vroom Vehicle Sale Goes Wrong For Respected Auto Reviewer

We’ve highlighted how Vroom purchases go wrong. This story looks at how a sale to Vroom can also be a hassle.


Alex On Autos is a respected automotive reviewer. Although we don’t know Alex and didn’t seek his input for this story, we feel it should be amplified. Alex reports that he has recently tried and failed, to sell his Ford Mustang Mach-E on Vroom. Based on our prior research, it seems like Vroom faces some real challenges. Here’s what Alex On Autos has experienced.

Before we go too far, why not watch Alex’s video?

As you can see, Alex is no dummy, and he knows how to buy and sell cars. He’s an industry professional who reviews cars each week and is known to be pretty tech-savvy. If it is Alex’s fault that this Vroom sale has gone sideways, it’s hard to see how. The part that we found most interesting was that the price Vroom agreed to changed after his agreement with Vroom.

Like the Vroom purchase debacle we highlighted in a prior story, the main issue seems to be that Vroom struggles with title transfers, organization, and basic communication. Unlike an in-person sale, the online world seems incapable of making simple things like title transfers any easier.

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Torque News scoured reviews of Vroom online and found many similar accounts. The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning to consumers about using Vroom. Unlike most large companies, Vroom is not accredited with BBB and earns an F score from the group.

On Google, Vroom earns a low 1.2 out of 5 score. We looked at some recent reviews there and found one that was almost identical to Alex On Auto’s experience. Here’s what Amanda M wrote:
“Tried to sell my vehicle to Vroom. Sent in my documents and waited for the contract. Called back and was told they received my docs and would get with me in a couple of days. No word so I called back. Was told my offer had expired even though they had confirmed that they received my documents by the deadline. Received a new quote that was $2000 less. Called back again and was told they would look into it and call back. Never got a return call so I called again. Was told my transaction had been canceled and I would have to start again. No ethics at all, no regard for people's time and they will not hold up on their end of the deal.”

Torque News wishes to be clear that we have not offered an opinion of Vroom or any of our own experiences in this story. We are simply highlighting what others have reported. If you have tried to sell a car to Vroom, please feel free to tell us in the comments how it went.

Image courtesy of Vroom media support.

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