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Used Car Purchased Online From Vroom Goes Horribly Wrong

You won't believe this story about a used car online order that went horribly wrong. How can something like this even happen?

Online car buying is all the rage in 2021. With the events of the past year meaning more at-home shopping, more and more car buyers want to find a car they can own by shopping online. However, a car is not like a toaster or a pair of flip-flops. Returning one is a massive undertaking and if you have problems with the car, you won't be dealing with the company that sold it to you, but a dealer with who you don't have a relationship with. One name we have been hearing more and more is Vroom. We looked into reviews of Vroom and here is what we found.

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Supercar With Super Problem
The first unhappy buyer we found is Roman Mica from TFL Autos. Roman is a reviewer and Youtube personality that hosts a Youtube series with his son. We enjoy their content because they are not afraid to tell the truth. Just for the sake of disclosure, prior to the publication of this story, this author has never met or communicated with Roman in any way.

Roman recently decided to purchase his dream car, a BMW i8, and turned to Vroom to do so. You can view the long series of ridiculous problems and bad customer service he experienced from Vroom in the video linked above. In a nutshell, Vroom accepted a $63,000 cashier's check from Roman and then did not deliver the vehicle. Why? Because Vroom misplaced the payment. You may be asking, "Why is that Roman's problem?" well, it turns out it is the buyer's problem, and if Roman is to be believed, Vroom did little to help the situation.

Story Update (February 23): Vroom reached out to Torque News following the publication of this story and wished to add the following comment, which we feel helps the story have more context. Note that the check that Roman Mica sent went to Houston Texas, and according to his timeline was signed for on Wednesday the 10th of February. One day before the massive storm struck Texas.

Here is Vroom's statement:
"We regret the issues that Roman had in transacting with Vroom, which were exacerbated by the recent storms in Texas, as many of our customer service team members are based in Houston. We did not provide the customer experience that we strive to deliver but have been in close touch with him over the past several days, resolved the payment delivery issues and were on track to begin delivery. We had hoped to have the opportunity to make things right, but we understand Roman’s decision to cancel the transaction and we have issued a full refund. We’re continuing to make process improvements a top priority and our customer service teams are responding to customers across channels, including on sites like Yelp and the BBB, to ensure that our customers are satisfied."

No BBB Accreditation
Vroom has been in business for eight years but isn't accredited with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the BBB stamps the accreditation for Vroom "Revoked." In addition, the BBB has received 477 complaints about Vroom in the past 12 months. One BBB complaint reads, "With no exaggeration, this was the worst customer experience of my life. Please do not do business with them. For handling what is typically a person's second-largest asset, a car, Vroom could scarcely be less competent." Another says, "Bought a car on 1/4/2021. They have all my money, including funds from opening a loan. They were definitely not doing any paperwork and the delivery is still pending. I am now trying to back out of this as it’s been a month and no sign of a car. I have an open loan, less in my savings, and no car. The fact they haven’t been shutdown is terrible."

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Yelp Reviews of Vroom
We also checked out Vroom on Yelp. Here, the online car-buying service receives a 2/5 star ranking. One Yelper who offered a 1-star review compared his experience with conventional car-buying. He wrote, "Brutal waste of time. After putting a hold deposit on a car I wanted I received an email that the contract signing would take up to another 5 days and this did not even include when delivery would be scheduled. The whole point of click and buy is to get the product ASAP. I ended up just going to a dealer and getting what I wanted in an hour." Another Yelper writes, "There have been issues on their end on every step of the way for the past month. Issues like sending me the wrong documents so I can purchase a car and then selling the car to someone else after they wouldn't return calls or emails. I would have never had thought I would be begging for a dealer to take my money and do their job so I can purchase a car."

The idea that one can seamlessly and easily find, select, and buy a vehicle online is very attractive. However, be sure you check out the reviews of any company you opt to try out when shopping for a used car online. If you have had a good or bad experience with Vroom, please feel free to post a comment in the space below this story.

John Goreham is a long-time New England Motor Press Association member and recovering engineer. Following his engineering program, John also completed a marketing program at Northeastern University and worked with automotive component manufacturers. In addition to Torque News, John's work has appeared in print in dozens of American newspapers and he provides reviews to many vehicle shopping sites. You can follow John on Twitter, and view his credentials at Linkedin

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Vroom took my money and won't deliver my car or give me my refund. No one knows anything. It's like they don't keep notes on their phone calls. I've had horrible customer service. I don't know how they have a business.
This is what is happening to me!!!
This story is far from unique—just go to the Better Business Bureau website, where the mountain of complaints against Vroom continues to grow. My story is far too long to share in comment section like this, but suffice it to say that Vroom is a fraudulent, incompetent dumpster fire. You will regret any dealings with them. I've had about 30 phone calls so far, and each one has been worse than the last, so it's not like I was unlucky to get the one lousy agent. Your credit rating will be destroyed, your car will be filthy—and quite possibly an entirely different VIN—and you'll really wish you just went to a used car lot.
The worst service I've ever had buying a car!!! BE AWERE RUN DON'T BUY ANY CAR FROM VROOM!!! Total disaster from start to finish. No one is communicating between departments! I had to explain over and over what was the problem. I tried to purchase a Ford Expedition Max 2019. I even put down a payment and sent a cashiers check. On the day I sent the check (February 26, 2021) I discovered that the SUV I was purchasing did not have a 4x4, so I called to swap the car for the same car but with the 4x4. And this is where all the problems started. I spent countless hours; yes hours on the phone on hold. They transferred me from one department to other… And of course you need to explain again and again what is the issue. I had spoken with two different supervisors 2 times to make sure they would send the right car. They informed me that “someone will call you”. No one ever called me. After over a week of this BS I asked an agent if I could talk to someone in upper management and had been informed once again that "someone will contact you”. No one contacted me. Then 2 weeks later I get this this phone call that the wrong car is about 2 hours away from my house!!!! I asked about my legit car after the driver gave me the information about the wrong car he was driving. I know they are sending me the 1st car (without the 4x4). I told him don’t even bother bringing the car as its not what I ordered. Again I called them to fix the problem and after being transferred from one department to other for over 3 hours… I told them to please cancel everything. They refunded everything minus a $699 delivery fee… Mind you I was trying to avoid getting the wrong car for over 2 weeks!!! I sent serval emails to Jessica L. (Customer returns specialist) (8550 864-4967X0371). To get my full refund as it was not my fault they sent me the wrong car. Not one response! I called on April 7 2021 and spoke with Jose R. And he said he will call me back on the same day… Surprise! NO ONE CALLED ME BACK!!! So today (April 10th 2021) I called again and spoke with 5 different customer service people. One lady said she will open a case # so I don’t have to explain everything over and over again… But I got Nick from sales Ext.7521 and I had to explain everything again. While we were in the middle of talking he transferred me to another employee!!! Today I also submitted a complaint to BBB!
I can NOT believe Vroom is still in business. I am at the same place. They rushed me to send my full 20k payment. Purchased in full on April 5, 2021. I have NO car and no refund as I type this on April 27, 2021. Vroom has not had one ounce of professionalism throughout this process. They don't return calls / emails. I have reached out every day. They have no clue as to what I am calling about from day to day (department to department), even though I have two open case numbers. I filed a BBB complaint today and I am making rounds on reviewing sites. I am considering a lawsuit. I saw that the shareholders are currently suing Vroom for fraudulent activity. It may be time for consumers to start suing as well.
I signed contract on 2/21/21 cadillac. Assigned to Chase Bank. Car delivered 2/28/31. Called Chase back about payment. They don't know who I am. So i have the car. Seco d payment due. Chase says don't send money. We don't know who you are. Real problem neither does DMV in Texas in Colorado. So i have a car no title, no current tags. Oh, also insurance fir Chase Bank who dont know who I am.....
Man sounds like u got a free car that’s crZy
File a mechanic's lien or a storage lien and get your title that way.
Cary, I've been trying to get my title since May 5th. Now I can't get anymore temp tags and no title.It was a cash buy and they said no clerk was ever assigned to my acct. Now clerk has and she won't reply to my emails. What do you mean mechanic's lien or storage lien? Maybe I can do this? I'm going to hire a lawyer today.
Please keep me posted !! I’m curious the actions you take and I am ready to do the same!
Please keep updated, i am going through the exact same thing, suppose to be financed through west lake but they have no idea who i am, its not on my credit report and i have had the vehicle since June. I am filing a mechanics lien to get my title.
I'm getting me a lawyer but I feel that all these people that has complaints we need to get together and get us a it was a class action suit or something against this company
I had a similar experience with Vroom. They sent me a different vehicle then the one advertised and when I tried to get my money back they have no disappeared. Would anyone like to join me in filing a lawsuit again Vroom. They are already being sued for misleading shareholders. This trash company is circling the drain but I still want my money back. Please contact me if you would like to organize and fight back.
I really would love to hold Vroom legally accountable for everything they've done, or should I say haven't done. I'm in the same boat, bought a car 4 years ago with them, had it shipped from Texas but never received the title. I go to register it in CA but am told I can only temporarily register as an out-of-state vehicle. Moved states to AL and am starting this process over again, meanwhile never getting anywhere with Vroom and being traversed from one person to the next all day. I was told their "system" doesn't allow them to search records that far back and said they can't help me. So now I have a car that I paid $12,580 for, no title, expired temporary tags, and no means of contact for resolution. Lawsuit anyone?
Count me in I’m stuck with temporary tag expire no tag and registration..
I purchased a car from vroom 7months can not drive do not have the registration or tag for the car yet got a temp thats expired can someone please help
Hey, my fiance' and I have a vehicle from.Vroom and out situation sounds just about like all these combined. I kept everything from our experience and after looking we have 4 different buy dates for this car. My fiance' also cannot get through to anyone, he just keeps getting transferred to another department. Also, Vroom keeps trying to get Chase bank and others to finance the car and give us the loan and whenever we called Chase they didn't know who my fiance' was! They also have taken our down payment but sent 500.00 back and want another down payment all the while hurting my fiance's credit with them trying to get us financed. We have had the car since January but have yet to make a payment and my fiance' signed one contract and it has been cancelled. So, we are unsure as of what to do at this point??!! We would be more than happy to get a lawsuit filed if that is possible. Oh and our car is currently at our local dealership right now as I type this and has been since last week because we have to have a torque converter replaced!!! There just seems to be no end to this mess!! Thank for your time.
I am in the same boat. We traded in our car signed a contract on 8/3/21 for a Tahoe. Today is 9/28/21. We called capital one who we got financing through to make a payment and told vroom never sent info to get paid so they never funded the loan. They said our approval expired 30 days after getting it. So now we are in the processes of buying a home and can’t rerun our credit so vroom wants our truck back and doesn’t have our trade any longer. And it took over a month to get the truck. We feel so screwed and want to start a lawsuit. We all need to get together and start the lawsuit
They did say thing to new send captial one the title so my loan ended..but it cazy I think that was on purpose..a way that they can have u sign with them.. let me know I so totally down..they need to put out of business..screwing with people hard money.
Yes i would. Ive sent 5k down and almost a month in and im afraid it already might be too late
Did you get this resolve? They sold a car through false advertising, None of the features advertised were present when car arrived and inspected.
I am organizing and am going to fight back
Class action law suit?
Yes I'm starting one 9/21/ 21 talking to lawyer if eanybody want to join let me know..I'm nj all are welcome
I’m in NY . Vroom sent me a car without any temp tags and they cannot guarantee when the DMV proceeds will take place . My finance company has gotten involved as well ! Are they any lawsuits happening in the NY/NJ area please reach out to me
I am in the same boat but in NY. they said my car was financed and delivered it to me in April. They are now calling me telling me it was never financed and i have to reapply or give the car back. I got rid of my other car so I am stuck. If you can provide any information that would be great.
Liars and cheats. Bait and switch. I have the Cadillac in the garage. Cannot drive it. Took my money for the tags. Money disappears paper tags expired. Chase Bank was the lien holder. Although Case doesn't know who I am. So I am paying insurance on a car that i don't know who it belongs too. Then cannot drive it because if Chase isnt. Then who is, I am not about to get into an accident and be responsible for the whole thing because who is the LIEN holder. Vroom, I dont have a clue. Also they have $13,000 of my money.
This is what I did. All Vroom people. That got screwed. I filed a complain with the Texas Dept of Motor Vehicles. They assigned an investigator. When in two weeks Vroom couldn't move fast enough to get me and the Texas DMV off their backs. Also for the customers that have money claims I found out that all auto dealers are required to have a Security Bonding company. That information can be found in the licensing section of their business license bureau. File a verbal complaint with the bonding company. If the claim is valid the bonding company pays you and then sues Vroom for money back. Good luck Texas DMV worked it out for me in no time. Then Vroom paid 2 months worth of car payments to the bank because they took so long to finish the car loan transaction.
We are in the process of Vroom buying back the car as it was misrepresented to us and we immediately filed a claim. The car has been picked up and we are waiting for our refund. You can imagine how that is going. I am curious if you are Texas residents and is that why you filed a complaint with the Texas DMV. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
Are you a Texas resident or did you file with the DMV there because that's where Texas Direct is located, the company Vroom bought?