Toyota Prius Prime May Cost Owners Less Than Regular Prius.
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Toyota’s Quiet Price Strategy For Prius Family Discovered

We drove the Prius 4 back to back with the Prius Prime and discovered a pricing fact many shoppers will want to know.

At a media event this week sponsored by the International Motor Press we took out the all-new Prius Prime back to back with the 2016 Prius 4. It was our first time driving the new Prius Prime Plug-In hybrid electric vehicle, and for the most part, we were not surprised by the car, having reported on it extensively. However, the price strategy for Toyota’s Prius family came to light when we compared the MSRPs of the cars.

The Prius 4 is the second to top trim of the Prius family. It has a price with the navigation and HUD package of about $31K before dealer discounting. An equivalent Prius Prime would be the Prius Prime Advance, which has an MSRP of $33,965. However, the buyer of the Prime can deduct $4,500 from their federal taxes if they qualify for the deduction. Plus, most EV-focused states now offer a rebate as well, such as the $1,500 rebate in California. After incentives, the base Prius Prime Plus, starts at about $22K. Every Prius Prime has navigation and emergency auto-braking.

The upshot of this is that it makes no sense not to get the Prius Prime. It is more car for the money, and the Prime has everything the conventional Prius does. In our driving, there was no notable difference in the handling or acceleration of the two, and they have the same interior styling. There are minor differences outside, but the Prime is not less attractive in any way.

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So if you are looking at a new Prius, you would do well to consider the Prime. If you lie in California or one of the states that promote EVs, consider too that the Prime will put you in the fast lane during commutes.

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