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New Jersey Man Successfully Jumps Toyota RAV4 Over Open Drawbridge

Dad jumps Toyota RAV4 over an opening drawbridge, lives to tell about it.


A New Jersey dad found himself in an unusual situation this week heading to a favorite Jersey Shore vacation spot. While on the Middle Thoroughfare bridge with his wife, daughter and a friend, the bridge suddenly started to lift up. As John Steakley's quotation of the Masao in Armor says, "You are what you do when it counts." What this dad did was FLOOR IT.

Luckily for Terance Naphys, the RAV4's 176 hp was up to the task and the thrust to weight ratio worked out just fine. The car went up and came down hard, but stuck the landing. There were no injuries, but the RAV4 has seen better days. It will need about $10k in repairs before superdad gets massive air again.

Mr. Naphys said that the landing, "Was the biggest impact I've ever felt in my life, without a doubt." As with any good civilian bridgejump, the local po-po did a full report. The police blamed the Cape May County Bridge Commission for the mishap. The operator says the sun was a factor.

As crazy as this may seem, people jumping SUVs over drawbridges is not unheard of. In 2015 another driver with a solid intestinal fortitude jumped a Chevy Suburban over an opening drawbridge, and it was caught on camera.

RAV4 Quick Facts
The Toyota RAV4 was the top-selling compact crossover in America in July. The RAV4 is an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus-rated vehicle and excelled in the IIHS bridge-jump test. All kidding aside, the RAV4 is the only affordable 2017 model year crossover with active safety on all trims.