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First Production 2020 Toyota Supra To Be Sold January 19, 2019

The all-new 2020 Supra is about to be revealed. Toyota commits to a firm first production run date.


The long (we mean really, really long) overdue return of the legendary Toyota Supra begins this January. Toyota has committed to a January 2019 production run of the new 2020 Supra. There is no backing out now. Toyota is planning to auction the first one off for charity, as is customary with classy automakers. Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale will handle the event scheduled for the 19th of January.
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Toyota plans to display the new Supra at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The show starts January 14th, so expect to see a full reveal around that date.

We have very little facts about the new Supra. Some say the car is a joint-development operation with BMW. The new BMW Z4 recently launched. While this may be true, or may not be, how much the cars might share is anyone's guess.

Why Toyota, who presently builds and sells two sports car lines, the 86 and the Lexus-branded RC, needs BMW to produce a sports car remains a mystery.

Toyota Supra Quick Facts
The Toyota Supra debuted as a trim line for the Celica in 1978. The Celica Supra was the first of four generations that ran through 2002. The Celica name was later dropped and the Celica continued on as its own model. All Supras ever produced had a few things in common. All were rear-wheel drive and had in-line six-cylinder engines. Every generation had a manual transmission available and every Supra had 4-wheel disc brakes.

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