Toyota Ireland launches diesel scrappage site.
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Diesel is Dead: Toyota Begins Diesel Scrappage Site In Europe

Diesel is the world's dirtiest fuel for automobiles. Toyota has moved away from diesel but is now going a step further.

Diesel is dead. The most polluting, highest CO2 per mile fuel in the world of automobiles is being replaced all over the world, but in Europe, where decades of bad government policy promoted the fuel, the switch is most notable. In the passenger cars with diesel engines are more expensive, slower, dirtier, and becoming almost non-existent. Europe still has a long path ahead, but Toyota is continuing to forge ahead with programs to help owners of diesels switch to gasoline hybrids that produce 90% less NOX pollutants.

The newest step by Toyota is a site dedicated to scrapping diesels. has been set up to help owners of dirty diesels see how affordable the switch to cleaner alternatives can be.

Interestingly, Toyota still sells a Hilux midsized pickup in Ireland with a diesel engine. Pickup truck owners will be the last to switch to fuels other than diesel. Typically, the need for greater towing capacity is cited as a key reason for needing a diesel truck. However, it should be noted that in the U.S. market, the Toyota TRD Pro gasoline pickup is rated for a greater towing capacity than is the Chevy Colorado ZR2 diesel.

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I agree with Toyota 100%. Also, if used correctly, most larger engine gas pickups can tow up there wit the diesels. I know, because I have done this many times wit gas powered pickups.