2018 Ford F-150 vs. Toyota Tundra - Which is tougher?
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2018 Ford F-150 vs. Toyota Tundra TRD Sport - Which Looks Tougher?

We compare and contrast the new 2018 Ford F-150 versus 2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport with an eye towards rugged looks.

Both Ford and Toyota recently released images of their 2018 model-year pickups. With the tag-line "Built Ford tough", we think it is fair to say Ford has a long history of thinking about making trucks look the part. In its F-150 press release headline, Ford uses the following words: Bold, Strength, Tough, Miltary. In its press release about the new 2018 Tundra TRD Sport trim, Toyota used the words: Excitement, Adventure, Performance, and Utility. Our question today is, based on looks alone, which truck maker hits the mark better?

- 2018 Ford F150 Gets a Diesel Engine and a New Look

Clearly, automakers want fans and owners to envision their trucks as tough and rugged. Starting at the front, where the expression of aggression is most pronounced, we see that from the top down, Toyota's design has the edge. The hood scoop implies power. Ford's hood is more practical and smooth looking.

- 2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport - Not Just An Appearance Package

As the eye drops lower we see that Toyota Tundra again with a more pronounced grill and larger headlights. Ford uses a horizontal bar across the grill, which is a trick that everyone knows shortens the appearance of a vehicle (works in clothing as well), but widens the appearance of the vehicle. Ford's headlights are clearly more advanced looking, but do they imply toughness, or are they more like jewelry? As we finish off the front end, Ford has the better, "tougher" looking lower front fascia. It appears more workmanlike and the Toyota grill seems to fade here.

Wheels are also a way truck makers express attitude. We have to give Toyota the edge again with its black-inset look. Ford's all silver styling is looking a bit bland. Along the sides, Toyota has a more rounded look with more character lines, and Ford keeps the look plain and simple. A draw.

Which truck looks tougher to you and why?

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The Ford definitely looks better Toyotas are ugly always have been.
Josh must be a young Ford admire. Each brand has it's plus and negatives. As for looks the 150 hasn't really change in looks and that's what those who but it want, tundra has grown up a little and made it's look more rugged and not afraid of rough terrain.
Debatable at best I've yet to see anything from Toyota that was attractive
No Toyota has nothing on Ford and they never will I don't give foreign auto makes my money Toyota used American POWs as slave labor during WW2 they rig thier markets like Korea do we can't compete there. They build plants here paying half in compensation than Ford and GM does... Any American giving them SOBs thier money should be ashamed. The F150brings far more $$ than any other product period. It's disgusting that Americans are so stupid lack loyalty to our country but bitch and grip about things not built here yet buy imports by the thousands plus to stupid to realize that just because something is assembled here doesn't make it American when the profits go back to Japan and the billions in development are done in Japan and they pay half.. Pearl Harbor should have been enough for any American not to support Japan do you think citizens of Japan and Korea buy our products hell no they don't and they make sure we have no chance of even trying to sell there.
You should do some research on your ford, and check your in vin tag in the door jamb to see where your truck is made, and who owns ford "Mazda" and the new F150 looks like a toy truck I was at Walmart, I wouldn't buy that recycled pop can if some one gave me the money
Who cares if the truck looks tough if the truck doesn't live up to it. Ford all the way, toyota is trying to hard to distract you with TRYING to make it look tough....it's not working for them. I been dealing with cars my whole life, and was a mechanic, and I loved my 85 toyota 4x4 pickup, but things are allot different now.
You have to subtract and substantial for the non-functional hood scoop on the Tundra, the Ford guys thought what can we do to make our truck better - let's improve performance across the board for all engines. Toyota - "let's add a hood scoop".....which interestingly can probably be used to summarize potential buyers of each.