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2017 Mazda3 Joins Corvette, Boxster, Mustang, Camaro On the Most Exclusive Awards List

The Mazda3 has again won a spot on the Car and Driver 10Best list – Why that is amazing.

In your mind picture the Chevrolet Corvette. Now picture a Porsche Boxster. Now, last time, picture the Mazda3. What makes these three great cars alike? Each has earned a repeat spot on the Car and Driver (CD) 10Best Cars list for 2016. What makes the cars different, is that every car on the Car and Driver 10Best list and there are 14 on that list, by the way, is that only the Mazda3 and Honda Accord are mainstream cars. All the rest are dedicated sport models intended to impress the car nuts that work at Car and Driver.

Mazda’s wins by the Miata and Mazda3 this year ties the company with BMW for having the third-most wins in the history of the CD 10Best list. Imagine, a car company that makes models affordable by pretty much anyone, tied with a company that only makes models that are dramatically more expensive.
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Car and Driver had a lot to say about why the Mazda3 is so special, but this quote was our favorite; “In this car, no single element overwhelms its essential character. It feels substantial, yet quick-witted. Its subassemblies all shake each others’ hands. It responds to fingertip control. It is a car that assists its pilot in smooth driving.”

That about nails it. The Mazda3 has that special something. It is a car you love to drive and still gets its everyday work done.

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Mazda produces a great all-around drive and ride experience - across the lineup. Last month I spent a week in the seat of booth Miata MX5 and the exceptional bargain priced near full size CX9 SUV. Both vehicles performed way above expectation. In the opinion this Acura, Honda fan, Mazda gives the auto industry a good run for the dollar spent. Fun, comfortable and mechanically solid. Mazda has earned a test drive from anyone considering a new car purchase. Zoom,Zoom...